What is PDF, PDF full form in english

PDF is a special type of format, PDF has many advantages, PDF is very different from all other formats, as other formats only contain a particular file such as photo, text, link, etc.

Many times it happens that when we are filling a form or making a claim, then we are asked for a PDF file of a document or form.

As an example – when we claim pf, in some condition, we are asked for 15g form and that too in PDF file.

The second best thing about the PDF is that you can also lock your PDF file through a password so that you can keep any data in that PDF file and no one will be able to open it except you.

What is pdf

Full form of PDF – Portable Document Format

What is PDF file what is the full form of PDF

So as you have learned to a great extent above what is PDF, the specialty of a PDF is that we can make a PDF file completely like a web page, and can also add clickable links to it.

The PDF file has also revolutionized the world of books because ebooks are also made through PDF, if you want to buy a book but you cannot find it, then you can download its ebook which you will find on the internet.

Who invented PDF

Although there are many inventions that have been developed by an individual, the PDF file system was developed not by an individual but by a company called Adobe Systems (Software company), which presented pdf in 1993.

How to create a PDF file

You can create a PDF file in many ways, now those methods depend on which type of content you want to create a PDF file, such as a text, an image, a form, or a web page, etc.

So if you normally want to create a PDF file of any text or an image, then you can make a PDF file through your phone or if you want, you can also use a computer to create a PDF file.

How to create a PDF file from Mobile

For this, you will find many applications on the play store which you can use to create a PDF file, so let’s use the “PDF Creator” app.

Just go to the play store and search for “PDF Creator” and install that app, its size is 10 MB.

Install PDF Creator, PDF Creator will ask you for permission allow it, if you do not allow permission, you will not be able to create a PDF file through this app.

After giving the permission, you will go to the PDF creator homepage, click on the + button in the right footer.

How to create PDF file through Mobile

Now enter a name for your PDF file and click ok.

enter name for your PDF file and click on ok

Now the PDF creator will open, create your file here, you can type anything you want, you can type in many pages and add photos too.

So let’s start typing now, the type normally there is no problem, if you want you can create a PDF file of multiple pages.

Click on “+page” to add multiple pages, the more times you click on the “+page” will add more pages that will be blank, and in those pages, you can type anything you want or add images.

How to add multiple pages in PDF

Remember, make only pages as many pages as you want to add content to, because if you add blank pages, it will be of no use, just the size of your PDF file will increase.

You can see all these pages by swiping left-right, all these pages will be visible at the time you swipe left and right, but don’t worry after the PDF file is created it will be (Up / Down) process like a normal PDF file.

Now you can add whatever you want to add on the page, you can write on all pages normally and add images to them.

Write on the page you want to write and on the page if you want to add an image, click “+ Image” on that page and select the image from your phone that you want to add to your PDF file.

How to add images in PDF file

When you choose a photo, it is not directly implemented on that page of your PDF file. You can zoom out, zoom in, drag that photo, and set that image anywhere on that page.

As you can see in the image, I have written half the page for my PDF and I have added the image to half the page, you can also do this.

How to create PDF file

Now the most important thing is that whatever you add to your PDF, add images to those pages, add text, there is no problem but remember that whatever you write or add a photo should be displayed on that page.

So if the screen of a page is filled, click “+ Page” and add more pages to your PDF and add your content to it.

So I hope your PDF file will be almost ready, click on the “eye” button to save your PDF file, the preview of your PDF file will appear, swipe left-right to see all pages.

How to save my PDF file

Now click on the “PDF” button on the right top, your PDF file will be ready. Now if you want, you can open it by clicking on it and see your PDF file and can also share it with your friends.

Click on PDF at right top to save it

By the way, we have told you here how to create PDF files through the PDF creator app, but “Adobe Acrobat Reader” is the best app to manage PDF because this app has been developed by adobe itself.

But the problem of this “Adobe acrobat reader” app is that it is not available for free, so if you can pay for adobe then you can use this app which costs around 25 USD (340 INR) per month.

But don’t worry you can create PDF files for free through the PDF creator app.

How to create a PDF file from a laptop/computer

PDF files can be created in multiple ways from a computer such as through page printing or through any software, although adobe acrobat reader will definitely be the best but its size is a bit more and probably everyone wants to use lite software.

So you download PDF24 creator is quite lite software is just 35 MB, and after downloading install it.

Just go to this URL https://tools.PDF24.org/en/creator/ and click download, in this you will get two options, For windows 10 only, for windows 10 and older, then probably for windows 10 and older would be best, Click on “Optimize for Private Use” and download it.

The specialty of this software is that it can do many other tasks besides creating PDF and in the size of 35 MB, download and install PDF24 creator and open it.

Click on PDF creator

To create PDF file click on PDF creator

Now drag the images to this box and drop the images you want to add to the PDF file.

What is PDF how to create PDF file

Click on the Save button, click on the quality in which you want to save the PDF file, choose the location of your computer where you want to save and save it.

Click on the save to save it

Select quality for your PDF file

PDF book (how to create ebook)

As you have learned above, almost every PDF will require some software, app, the website for every task, but if you want to create an ebook, you will not need them at all.

And its best option is web pages, if you have a website or blog and want to make a PDF of a post or you do not have a blog website but you want to make a PDF of another web page, then you can create and That too without any software.

Just go to the page you want to create an ebook and press Ctrl + P.

Now windows will prepare that page for printing, in it, you will get the option of “Destination”, in which you will get the option of the printer by default, click on it and click on “Save as PDF”.

How to create PDF Ebook

Finally, click on the “Save” button, and save that file, the ebook of your page is ready.

Although there are many ways to create a PDF file that you have been told here, the most unique way to create a PDF is printing, because through it you save any page as a PDF file in just a few seconds.

If you want, you can save another page as a PDF by creating web pages in the same way, I found it best because you can create PDFs of images, links, texts, various types of headings, Tables, Menus, etc., which is not possible to add by any kind of PDF editor.

If you want to create normal PDF files, you can use softwares, apps, but if you’re thinking about the ebook, want to create some dynamic PDF, you can create a web page and save it as a PDF, which is much easier and also helps to create a unique PDF file.

How to open PDF

It’s very easy to open a PDF file just as you have a PDF reader.

So if you are a mobile user then you will find google pdf viewer on the play store, download it and open your pdf file, it will be open in google pdf viewer.

The best option for computer users is adobe reader download you will be able to open the PDF or you can download any other PDF reader if you want, as we told a software pdf24 creator above, you can download it too. And if you want, open your chrome, firefox, etc browser whatever browser you use.

But if you are a desktop user, you can use software and if you want, you can also use the browser, now drag your PDF file into that browser drop, your PDF will be open.

How to lock my PDF through a password

If you want everyone to not be able to open your PDF file, then you can set the password after which anyone except you will not be able to open your PDF file because your PDF file will ask to enter Password.

So let’s know how to protect the PDF file from the password, it is not necessary to lock any PDF file with a password that you have created the PDF file, you can lock any PDF file.

Just go to https://www.PDF2go.com/protect-PDF and click on “Choose file” and select the PDF file that you want to lock.

Just below the Start button, you’ll get the option to set the password, enter the password for your PDF file in “Enter open password”.

Insert the same password again in “Repeat open password” and click on the start button

How to set password in my PDF file

Just password will be set in your PDF file, click on “Download” button

Click on Download to download your PDF File

Your PDF file will be downloaded, now you can open it and see the password is implemented in your PDF file.


So you have got complete information that what is PDF, what is the full form of PDF, how to create PDF file, how to set password lock in PDF file, maybe PDF can prove to be very beneficial for you.

Because there is no other format other than PDF in which the contents can be arranged in this way, however, the web page is the only page other than PDF that can be customized in any way according to its own content, Can be displayed.

But not everyone can create a web page because you should have control of the web page for that, but PDF is the only format that everyone can create and optimize to a great extent.

Text and images are sufficient for any instruction or information that can be included in the PDF file.

In this article you learned What is PDF and full form of PDF in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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