What is OTG, What is the full form of OTG

The full form of OTG is On the Go , through OTG USB you can connect any external device, from where we charge our mobile, we can also connect our OTG from the same.

What is OTG

If you use android mobile then you must have seen the charging port in your mobile, and you must have charged your mobile with it and you must have used it for data transfer from your computer, and you use it to connect internet. would have done.

Other electronic devices can be connected to your android mobile through OTG cable, so that you can make your tasks more easy, like by connecting keyboard we can do typing in our mobile with keyboard, and our You can insert the mouse in the mobile that too through OTG cable.

By using OTG cable, we can also use pen drive in our phone, can also connect one phone to other phone for which an extra data cable was needed, if you don’t have computer, and you can learn typing If you want, you will not need to give a computer, instead you can buy OTG cable and keyboard and type on your mobile like a computer.

The facility to connect OTG USB is there in almost every android mobile, OTG may not work in the mobile whose android version will be less, it is similar to USB in appearance, there is no significant difference, but it It is quite advanced in terms of features.

OTG was first used in 2001, and today it has been almost 20 years, you can use OTG to connect many things to your mobile or tablet like –

  • Using OTG, you can connect the hard disk to your mobile, and you can see whatever is in the hard disk in your mobile.
  • Using this, you can connect the keyboard to your mobile, and you can type anything in your mobile with the help of keyboard.
  • Through OTG you can connect your printer to your mobile.
  • You can connect your camera through OTG.
  • USB fan – Although running a USB fan from your mobile using USB via OTG cable can be very risky, because in this case the battery life of your phone can be very less, but if you want, you can try it on your mobile. Can also run through USB fan.
  • USB light – Although all phones have a flashlight by default, but if you want, you can also use a USB light using your phone, but doing so can have a huge impact on your phone’s battery, which Light can reduce the battery life of your phone so try it at your own risk

With the help of flashlight, you can connect many things to your mobile or tablet through OTG.

In this article you learned what is OTG and OTG full form in English We hope that this information will prove useful for you, and share this article with your friends only, so that they too can get this useful information.

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