What is ok, OK full form in english

If someone has said OK to you on any of your reactions or something, then it cannot happen that someone does not understand the meaning of OK, if someone says OK then it is obvious that the person agrees with you.

What is OK

Full form of OK – All Correct from Oll Korrect

What is OK what is the full form of OK

We all know that all correct is a correct word whereas oll korrect is a wrong word but sometimes even a fun joke becomes the cause of something being famous gives rise to a new invention, although the OK word is not an invention. But the ok derived from oll korrect which was written in Boston Morning Post.

And you know what happens gradually, and in this too, from all correct derived oll korrect and the abbreviation is “OK” and it is not that the word OK is commonly used only in colloquial language but also Everywhere else, ok are used professionally.

What is OK

OK is used to answer the consent of a person, such as if you ask someone that “will you go to the market with me?, then if he wants to go with you, he can say you OK let’s go.

Although the OK word is used to agree but “yes” word is also common to use in place of OK, as mentioned above, the person’s reply “OK let’s go”, instead of that his reply may be “yes definitely”, yes

come on Let’s go, etc.

“OK” word is used for consent, you can also understand from this that when you use the computer, mobile, then it also requires your permission on many actions or on different types of websites. If it is asked for your permission, then we get the OK button to agree to it, by clicking on it, we give it permission.

tv is at everyone’s house, you must have seen on the remote that there is an OK button in the middle on his remote which is used for the consent of some commands.

So as we have told you above the full form of OK i.e. oll korrect, so its full does not lead to any specific conclusion, yes, but all correct can be correct in some conditions like in computer/mobile devices. When we are asked for permission, then all correct is absolutely correct, ie that OK (all correct) is all correct and we give OK and give this command to continue for further processing.

But generally, in colloquial terms, OK means yes instead of all correct (all right) such as “Yes, let’s eat – OK let’s eat” Now someone will say that it’s all right. Let’s eat, so basically OK full form is all correct, but on the other hand, it is used for yes, yes.

In this article you learned What is Ok and Ok full form in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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