What is monitor, Monitor meaning in english

Monitor is a hardware that performs the function of displaying computer programs. Monitor is also called display screen. A computer needs an external monitor whereas a laptop has an inbuilt monitor.

What is monitor, Monitor meaning in english

A separately set display in a computer is called a monitor on which the programs running in the computer can be seen and the computer can be operated, the specialty of a computer’s monitor is that any monitor in that computer Can be used but the problem of the display of a laptop is that only the screen of the same model can be used in it.

An external monitor has a separate power plug, which requires power, after that the monitor starts working, whereas the inbuilt monitor in the laptop does not require any separate power because it is powered by the laptop’s battery power. Goes on easily.

Due to the latest monitor technology, the monitor can also be used as a TV and computer monitor as it is also provided with computer monitor court and TV cable port and we can use it as per our wish even a monitor only Can also work from USB, for which the pen drive needs a monitor, it has to be installed in this report, you can see the files present in it.

what does the monitor do

A monitor performs the function of displaying the programs running on the computer so that the user can operate the computer very easily by looking at the monitor.

what is another name for monitor

Monitor is mainly known as monitor and is also known by other names like screen/display etc.

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