What is IQ, iQ full form in english

You will get to see and hear IQ word in many places in videos on images on social media or on blogs and if you are a student then you must have heard about IQ word and today we will get information about it ie What is IQ.

Like in many places, high IQ, low IQ, IQ%, IQ test, etc. are trending words and which means to measure a person’s intelligence, to measure rationality, you also have such posts on WhatsApp or Facebook. You must have seen in which you must have seen the word “test your IQ”.

What is IQ

Full form of IQ – Intellegence Quotient

What is IQ what is the full form of IQ

IQ is just a word and IQ means your intelligence and reasoning, the better your intelligence and reasoning, the better your IQ level will be.

IQ test we can also say those which are high-level interviews, in which it is not known on which topic you will be asked the question, on which issue, like, IS, IPS interview Because someone’s IQ cannot be measured by just one subject or topic.

Rather, it is considered a better IQ to make a better decision in any situation and perform well at the education level, our environment has a huge impact on our IQ.

Suppose if you are from an area that lacks education and modernity and the total population at that place is 100,000 then it is difficult to say how many people will have better IQ but if these 100,000 people are in such a place Living where education is high tech, there are huge developments, so it is possible that up to 80 – 90% of the people will have better IQ.

Because everyone gets the same brain from birth, but his IQ also depends on the environment of his location because our brain only stores the activity happening in our environment, it does not matter we are where.

Therefore, for better IQ it is also necessary to have a better environment, after all, what is the reason that almost all the internet companies are from America, the environment, any country is known because of its particular specialty, environment, and development, achievement In addition, environment also contributes a lot.

However, it is also not that without a better environment IQ will not be better because if it had happened, there would have been no invention so far because even when big inventions were made, the environment was not very good at that time, so it’s clear that environment matters but not 100%, but if your thinking, understanding, and reasoning is better, then without a better environment, you can achieve a better IQ.

In this article you learned What is IQ and full form of IQ in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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