What is iOS Apple.com

What is iOS Apple.com, Are you crazy about apple, iOS is the root of apple phones because people are well acquainted with android which is an OS but not everyone is familiar with iOS And people have a lot of confusion about iOS, iPad, iPhone, etc. So today we will get information about iOS i.e. What is iOS Apple.com.

But before that we would suggest that you get information about the OS so that you can understand iOS better, iOS is also an OS.

Full form of iOS – iPhone Operating System

What is iOS what is the full form of iOS

What is iOS Apple.com

iOS is an operating system developed by Apple and used only in apple phones Apple has not opened iOS to other hardware companies such as android because android OS is used by all mobile companies in the world. The reason for this is android being open source so that google has given permission to all mobile companies.

But Apple has not given permission to use its phone os (Operating system) to any other company, you will get iOS on all Apple’s phones.

If you want to use the iOS phone then you have to buy an Apple phone because if you buy a phone from any other company other than apple then you will not get iOS.

iOS is the second mobile os in the world which is the most famous and on the first number is android and if iOS were open-source OS then maybe iOS could have reached very close to android but the only company working on iOS is apple whereas, for android, a lot of Companies manufactures hardware.

Although Apple was founded by steve jobs in 1976, but the technology did not improve much at that time, till then no laptop was founded and as far as iOS was developed in 2007, iOS was the world’s first high tech mobile os.

Because there are only two phones in current time android and iOS, whereas iOS was launched in 2007 and Android in 2008 and you can see for yourself how much these operating systems are famous today, we hope you have liked the article What is iOS Apple.com And yes, Share it with your friends so that they too can get information about the iOS “OS of apple phone”, What is iOS Apple.com.

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