What is internet, Internet full form in english

Today, the Internet is one of the most used things in the world because all the work has become very easy through the Internet, whether it is for studies or for entertainment, gaming, or business.

The Internet is perfectly compatible for each task, and you are one of those who use the Internet, but do you know the full form of internet.

What is Internet

In simple words, the Internet is a network consists of many high-performance computers that we know by the name of the server, however, the Internet is the process that makes connections in them and exchanges data by connecting more than one computer.

Because whenever you have to search or see anything on the Internet, you simply visit Google or any other website and find that information, but how you found it, “through the Internet”.

If you think google is the Internet, it is not this, but it is all websites are on the Internet, although a lot of techniques works on the internet, but the Internet is mainly IP based. And the sites are on the internet (Web) that’s why it’s called website.

Let us assume that you have a computer and you have stored a lot of data in it, that contains videos, photos texts, etc. If you want to access all those videos, photos, texts, etc. from another computer so what you will do.

So it’s obvious that a connection is required, without any connection you won’t be able to access the data of that computer from another computer, and the protocol (TCP/IP) connecting these two computers is called the Internet.

Although you use sim cards of telecom companies for normal networking and through these you also use the Internet, but apart from this network, a more important protocol works for connecting computers which is TCP/IP.

Whenever you use the Internet (Google, Facebook, etc), all that data fetches from a computer, but they are not normal computers, but they are very powerful computers, and they are in large numbers, normally they called server.

And it works through coding, their services are created only by coding, coding contains programming languages such as Java, PHP, Python, javascript, CSS, HTML, etc.

If you want, you can also use your computer as a server, just some modification will be required in it, which will be very hard for you and your server will also be very weak, the computers that are used as server always need to be turned on.

Internet is absolutely free, but the charge you give for a data pack is the charge of the network of telecom companies, yes internet companies and telecom companies both are differ from each other.

And as far as the earning of Internet companies they earn through ads that’s why the Internet is totally free, the Internet may be a paid service if there was not an ad system.

Because Internet companies also have a lot of expenses, but there is nothing to worry about, it’s not your job to think about their expenses, huh.

So we have told you above what is the Internet and I hope that you will find this helpful for you and now let’s know what is the full form of Internet.

Full form of Internet – Interconnected Network

The full form of the Internet is an interconnected network, derived from the character of the Interconnected network.

Key points

What is the Internet used for?

Internet is used for online data transfer and this data can be of any type like video file audio file, text etc.

What is internet connection?

Internet connection is a connection through which we are able to access website applications on the Internet, for this we need ISP, Internet Service Provider.

In this article you learned What is internet and internet full form in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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