What is HTML, HTML full form in english

Welcome to Apsole today we will learn what is HTML, which is used to create webpages, computers programmes etc. HTML is a programming language that is used in all web program

Now you may also be wondering what programming is language, so don’t worry here you’ll get all the information so that you’ll never have to search again about HTML.

You will find HTML in even small courses of computer, in every type of programs, you will not find any other programming languages everywhere or not but you will find HTML everywhere, but first of all let me tell you what is programming language. And after that, we will know what is HTML and what is the full form of HTML.

programming language

A computer or any electronic device is a combination of two different parts, software, and hardware.

And software requires codes to create programs and those codes are called programming language and this time there are a lot of computer programming languages available such as java, PHP, python, c, c++, CSS, HTML, etc.

What is HTML

What is HTML, what is the full form of HTML

Full form of HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language

Although we have separated hyper, the text above but usually it is something like, hypertext markup language.

So “what is the full form of HTML” is explained above, now let’s know what HTML is

If you talk about a small level rather than a big level, then if you do DCA, ADCA course, you will still get used to HTML in it.

In which you may be given some information about HTML during “Notepad”, you’ll also need it in Microsoft Excel as the formula.

HTML is mainly used to create web pages, however, many more tasks can be done and are being done through HTML because it depends on what kind of page you want to create through HTML want to design a web page.

Then that page can contain anything such as text, video, photo, etc., and that page will be displayed on your screen in the same way that it has been designed, for which content designed.

Although as far as it’s for your learning, you can only create a very attractive page through HTML, you won’t need any more programming language, but if you want to run it through the server on the website, through the HTML you want to create any web page or program for any site it may require some additional programming language.

Because any website consists of a number of programming languages not just from a single programming language, multiple programming languages ​​can be used according to the service.

And as far as learning them is concerned, HTML is the easiest programming language to learn and the biggest thing is that if you want to create a page using HTML, you can create it very easily.

And for this, you will not need to install any compiler or any other software on your computer and even you can create an HTML page from your phone and run it.

Some simple programs of HTML

<b>The text written in this tag will be bold</b>

The text written in this tag will be bold

<I> The text written in this tag will be italic </I>
The text written in this tag will be italic

<U>The text written in this tag will be underlined</U>
The text written in this tag will be underlined


<span style=”color: blue;”>pankaj kumar maurya</span>
<span style=”color: red;”>pankaj kumar maurya</span>

pankaj kumar maurya
pankaj kumar maurya

HTML Table

<table border=”2″>


So this was some basic information of HTML that you can try yourself, run any program, just write them in notepad and save it with HTML extension and open that file in a browser.

If you want, copy the above codes and paste them into your computer’s notepad and if you want, you can make changes as you wish but remember codes should be correct.

save it and open it in chrome or in any browser, that program will run on your computer, if you have an HTML book or you have knowledge of HTML then you can create more HTML programs.

Or if you want you can also create HTML programs by learning online, for this you will get many sites like https://www.tutorialspoint.com/HTML/index.htm, https://www.w3schools.com/HTML/, https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-HTML

Through them, you can learn HTML online or if you want, you can learn it by visiting a computer programming center.

When and who invented HTML

HTML was developed by Tim Berners Lee in 1993 and after that HTML used around the world, Many websites are completely HTML based.

If you are a blogger and have used blogspot.com then you might have noticed that Blogspot blog is completely HTML based.

So you have got complete information about HTML And yes if you want to learn a computer programming language, then I would suggest that you learn HTML for a few days before that because it will make you understand the basics of computer programming language so that it will be easy to learn any programming language.

And if you are in 10th, 12th then you should learn computer basics as well as the programming language. You can also learn HTML in the beginning and after completing 12th you can move towards software engineering, in which you will also be able to learn other programming languages.

If you are interested in computer programming languages and maintain consistency in it, it can provide a golden opportunity for you.

Then it does not matter in which programming language you are interested and expert, because each programming language is used very much.

In this article you learned What is HTML and full form of HTML in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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