What is HDD, HDD full form in english

Today we are going to talk about an important part of computer which is HDD, what is HDD, have you ever thought about where all the data is saved on the computer, whatever activity we do on our computer, you install some software, use it or save some media or watch, where it is processed.

Definitely computer space is like a memory card of the phone but the memory card is not used as storage in the computer, but HDD is used.

What is HDD

Full form of HDD – Hard Drive Disk

What is HDD what is the full form of HDD

HDD is a hardware that is the storage of the computer, all the data is saved and processed in the HDD, it is necessary to start the computer that the operating system is installed in the computer and the operating system is also installed in the HDD.

HDD is available in various sizes like 500 GB, 1 TB, etc., as the storage increases, the price also increases, although it is easy to replace any part in the computer (CPU) but if you have a laptop. And if you want to change HDD then you can also change it very easily because HDD can be changed without even opening the laptop.

First has to remove the panel from the backside of the HDD which is fixed with a screw and then you can change your HDD.

And if your computer is in better condition and running and if you remove your HDD and implement it in someone else’s computer/laptop, then its computer will run like your computer because all the data and controls of the computer are in the HDD. So in which computer you insert your HDD, that computer will behave like your computer.

the thickness of HDD is more than a mobile and the length is about 4 cm Yes yes this size is quite high but also do not forget the capability of HDD, HDD is very capable, its size is also very high in which You can collect a lot of data.

If your computer’s storage means that your HDD is full of your files, then you can take an additional storage disc so that you can increase the space of your HDD by moving your computer’s data in it because if the HDD is full you will face problems during playing programs.

Yes, to run the programs it is necessary to have space in the HDD as well, and different software demand empty disc space in different sizes, and yes, it’s not that HDD never gets spoiled but the HDD also gets spoiled, and if your HDD ever gets damaged, when you computer open, you’ll see a notice that says HDD not detected, so in this condition, you have to buy a new HDD.

In this article you learned What is HDD and HDD full form in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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