What is hacking, Hacking meaning in english

Note: The purpose of this article is not to promote hacking, but to tell you about the methods using which you can hack, so read about these methods, and be aware and save yourself from hacking.

Hacking means stealing any content, mainly known in the world of computer and internet, which is famous for hacking websites, applications and mobiles etc.

what is hacking

Hacking is the process when, without your permission, someone else takes control of your social media website account or your website or any other account or your mobile, and uses it according to his mind, however such There is no way that someone can hack someone’s account directly, but users often make mistakes that lead to hacking of their device or account.

what are the types of hackers

There are mainly two types of hackers, the first of which is to hack a program by computer programming and the second is to directly deceive a person or hack his program.

hacking by computer programming

Hackers of this method find flaws in any computer program or in any website or application, etc., and such work can be done by any ethical or normal tax or if it is hired by the company, most of the companies ethical hacker for this. so that he can make his computer program as safe as possible, but if that company’s computer program has too many flaws then a normal person may ever be able to hack that web site, and that hacking The result can be in any form because it depends on what was lacking in that computer program, maybe this hacking deletes any data of that computer program or that website for some time. Go down or the data is stolen from that website, and most companies or individual businessmen become the victims of this hacking.

But the victims of the second method of hacking are mostly common people, people who do not have much knowledge about technology, and they make some such mistakes, due to which they are able to hack them and steal their data. or maybe even their bank account may be empty, for this type of hacking mainly the victim is taken to a page which is known as phishing, or else someone on his computer Malicious program is installed or in some conditions personal information is asked by making a direct call.

And to avoid this type of hacking, make sure that only visit the website that you can trust, do not give your personal information to anyone, if you install any computer program in your device then make sure before installation That those programs are completely safe.

what is the job of a hacker

If a person becomes an ethical hacker, then his job is to work for the security of website applications, etc., that is, to find flaws in a computer program that can be fixed and the company can be protected from harm, but a general There is no fixed task of hacker but a normal hacker works himself, and invests his time in hacking different types of website applications and if he is able to hack any system, then he will get huge amount. But this is an illegal method and if caught, you can go to jail and also have to pay a fine.

Which course to do to become a hacker

There are also a lot of hackers who become hackers by some normal computer programming seeker, and they are able to do this because their passion to be hacker enables this work, but if you are ethical hacker or do stuff If you want, some course information is given below, you can do them.

  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Certificate Course in Cyber ​​Law
  • Advance Diploma in Ethical Hacking
  • CCNA Certification
  • Certified Information Systems Security Profession
  • ssc cyber forensics and information security
  • PG Diploma in Cyber ​​Law
  • PG Diploma in Digital and Cyber ​​Forensics

What are the benefits of becoming a hacker

If you become an ethical hacker then you can make a very good income, because all the companies invest a lot to make their program better and more secure, and the work of an ethical hacker is the drawbacks in different types of computer programs. It has to be removed, and if a person is an ethical hacker but is not doing any job at the present time, but if he is able to find any deficiency in the computer program of a company, then even without doing a job, he will get a very good payment. Might as well get a job.

Disadvantages of becoming a hacker

If you are becoming an ethical hacking then there is no problem because it is completely legal act but if you become a normal hacker and hack different types of computer programs or blackmail people by hacking them If you take money from them, then it is an illegal act, in such a situation, if you are caught, there can be a big problem for you.

In this article you learned What is hacking and hacking meaning in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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