What is Google assistant

Google Assistant is an application that is designed to assist people, and this application assists people by listening to their voices, Google Assistant is capable of answering most of your questions, and Google Assistant is the first of your personal profile and Tries to get information from interest, but if it does not get any information from your data, provides the information to Google Assistant from the Internet, for example if you want to make a call or send a message to someone , or if you want to open any of your application then you can tell google assistant., if you tell google assistant to “open whatsapp” then you will not need to open your whatsapp, instead google assistant will automatically open your whatsapp application In the same way, you can do most of the work of your mobile with the help of Google Assistant.

What is Google assistant assistant.google.com

Google assistant kya hai, Google assistant meaning in Hindi

Google Assistant is an assistant made by google.com company that any person can install on his phone, the advantage of Google Assistant is that even an illiterate person can use the phone in a smarter way.

What are the features of Google Assistant


Google Assistant is available in any number of languages, but you can use Google Assistant in two languages ​​at the same time, for which you have to set the language setting in your Google Assistant application, and you can use Google Assistant in two different languages ​​simultaneously. will do.


Although the reminder option is available in the phone, but you can also set a reminder using Google Assistant, for which you will have to tell Google Assistant when to remind you, that is, after 1 hour after 2 hours or you that time. Can tell.


If you want to send a how-to message, you can tell your Google Assistant to send a message, after which Google Assistant will ask to select the number among themselves, you select the number, and you will not need to type your message manually, but Google Assistant will automatically write it down as you speak, and you’ll be able to send messages easily.


If you have problem in calling then you can take help of google assistant just open google assistant, and say make a call google assistant will ask you to set number, select number and google assistant will dial that number and You can talk


If you are getting very bored, you can command Google Assistant to tell me a joke or tell a joke, Google Assistant will search a joke for you and tell you.

your information

Google Assistant gets all your information from your account and Google Assistant can also be told such information that you want Google Assistant to remember, when you ask in the middle, you know it, you can get it remembered. Like your friend’s name your father’s name or anything.

open app

If you have an application installed on your phone that you do not see on the home screen of your phone, and you want to open it, you can give a command to Google Assistant to open that application, and then you have to open that application. You will not have to search, but Google Assistant will automatically open that application and you will be able to use it.

home appliance control

Your home appliances can also be controlled with the help of Google Assistant, but for that it is necessary to have a Google Assistant compatible device, which can increase your expenses, with the help of Google Assistant, turn on the light, fridge etc. on/off etc.

how to use google assistant

To use Google Assistant, first you should choose your language, because if Google Assistant will run in your language, you will be able to use Google Assistant in a better way,

why google assistant is not working

Mainly Google Assistant won’t work when your mobile’s internet connection is turned off, because most of the translate Google Assistant completes through internet connection, while some common tasks can be done by Google Assistant without internet connection, so Check your phone’s internet connection and turn on your net connection.

Your Android version must be 5+, if your Android version is lower than this, you will not be able to install Google Assistant on your phone, and that’s a long way off to use.

In this article you learned what is google assistant and google assistant meaning in english assistant.google.com, we hope this article will prove useful for you.

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