What is fulfilled | Fulfilled by Amazon

There is no doubt that Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce site, along with that eCommerce sites have to go through many steps to store and deliver products, in which the Amazon fulfillment center has an important role.

When you go to shopping sites like Amazon Flipkart and check the products, you will get a badge of “Amazon fulfilled” with some products but not every product.

In such a situation, it becomes very important for you to know what is Amazon fulfilled so that you can decide which product you should purchase on Amazon which has a badge of “Amazon fulfilled” or without a badge.

What is fulfilled | fulfilled by amazon

If you check a product on Amazon in which you get a badge of “Amazon fulfilled” understand that the product is placed in the Amazon warehouse.

Because sometimes people have to face problems like fraud, but if you take care of certain things, the chances of fraud become very low.

Amazon has built some of its warehouses in amazon services countries and keeps the products in those warehouses, if you don’t know, know today that Amazon does not sell all the products by itself, but there are so many sellers on it and Most of the products are sold through them.

If any sellers wants to handle their product itself, like packing, shipping, they don’t have to place their products at Amazon warehouse, and the badge of “Amazon fulfilled” will not be with their products on Amazon.

But if a seller does not want to pack and ship their products themselves, they can place their products in the Amazon warehouse and its full responsibility will be Amazon, like packing, shipping, and the “Amazon fulfilled” badge will be displayed on their products.

“Amazon fulfilled” badge indicates that the product is in Amazon warehouse and that product will be handled by Amazon itself.

fulfilled by amazon

While we’re not aware of Amazon fulfilled, we simply order any product that I like,, and it’s in our budget, but it’s not enough you should also try to buy products that have “fulfilled”.

I would suggest buying only such products which are fulfilled because we can trust such products and there are very few chances of fraud or maybe not at all.

But it becomes a little difficult to believe on products without fulfilled whether we will get the original product or not.

Although Amazon fulfilled are more trustable, it doesn’t mean that products that aren’t fulfilled will be cheated on you because we purchased many products that were not fulfilled and we got 100% safe and original product.

But that also doesn’t mean that there can’t be fraud, without Amazon fulfilled products, the chance of fraud is too high, even a lot of people have encountered this type of problem.

So I will recommend trying to buy only those products which are fulfilled and if you have never shopped online and you are very much scared it is very important for you to buy only fulfilled products, otherwise, your fear may also prove to be true.

And this is nothing new, there are frequent online frauds with people.

check whether an Amazon is fulfilled or not

It is very easy to check whether the Amazon product you want to buy is fulfilled or not, just open Amazon and go to the product you want to buy.

If you have added that product to your cart, you can open the cart and go to that product and if you want, you can also search for that product by clicking on the search box.

How to check whether an Amazon is fulfilled or not

Scroll the page a little by opening the product, in it, you will get a badge of “Amazon fulfilled” as you can see in the image below.

What is Amazon fulfilled

If there is no such badge of Amazon fulfilled in that product, then it means that the product is not fulfilled and it’s hard to trust that product 100%.

So I hope now you’ll be fully aware of what is Amazon fulfilled and l to check if an Amazon product is fullfilled or not, if there’s still any doubt related to Amazon fulfilled, you can ask us in the comment.

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