What is Field, Field meaning in english

A field is such a part of land from which a farmer prepares it for growing his crop, in which various types of fertilizers and medicines are used.

What is field in english

A large part of the earth is land, but the field is called the same area or place, which is prepared for growing crops and is more fertile than other normal places, and green manure and chemicals are used to make the fields more fertile. Medicines are used.

In India, there are more farms in rural areas because the main work is done in rural areas, even though not everyone does farming on a large scale, but everyone has their own fields where crops are grown. Is.

In the fields, farmers also build small houses to take care of their crops, so that they can stay there and take care of their crops because there is a fear of animals.

khet meaning in english

Khet means field in English as well as Khet also means farm, and these two are used in different situations.

In this article you have learned what is field and field meaning in english, we hope this information will prove useful for you.

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