What is Extension

If you are an app developer, a web developer, a blogger, or do any work on a computer, you might have heard about Extension because the entire computer system is Extension based, even the media files are also extension based about which You will get information through this article, that is, what is Extension.

And if we talk about what is the full form of Extension, then this question is both right and wrong but why, because “Extension” is not a short word but the Extensions used are short words, then let us know what is Extension.

What is Extension

There are many files in computer/mobile etc., some of which are text, some media files, some computer program files, etc. But whatever file you see, you will see a common thing and that is the last of the name of these files. With few words like .mp4, .apk, etc., these are called extensions.

The specialty of Extension is that the last of the file contains the extension of that file, irrespective of the type of file.

And yes, the extension of any file type is not the same as suppose an image has too many Extensions and some of the most commonly used Extensions are as jpg, jpeg, png however for image file There are many other Extensions.

And the quality and size of images of all Extensions are different, it is not only in images but all other types of files have different types of extensions.

Similarly, video, audio, texts, etc. are also files, let’s know about the Extensions of some different files.

But before that, know that no matter what kind of file it is, all files have extensions, yes, but if we talk about normal folders, then they do not have any extensions because normal folders can contain every kind of content.

By the way, the amount of Extension is very high because as far as media files are concerned, their extensions are quite limited and of which there are only a few extensions whose formats are used more.

And the process of Extension does not end here because we have already told you that the entire computer system is Extension-based, even extensions of apps, software, websites, programming files, etc., although only developers idea about them because they need all these things more.


If you create a file by computer ms word, wordpad, then that document would be a text document for which .txt extension is used.


You must have a lot of install/uninstall and use apps, but you may not know that the app also has a file extension, the app has a lot of files and media files, etc., i.e., a variety of Extension files are used to make an app and they are all collected in file android application package, such as whatsapp.apk, but normally you will not see this Extension .apk but if you download the app from an external site, you will see APK Extension.

Computer software

Different types of files are also required to create computer software and those files are collected by .exe Extension. When you download software, it will be with .exe Extension.


Different types of extensions are used by websites such as .com, .in, .edu etc. But all extensions of the website do the same and their extensions target a particular topic.

Glut of Extensions

In the same way a lot of Extensions exist for different types of tasks/files, such as

  • .AIF
  • .bin
  • .AVI
  • .vcd
  • .CLASS
  • .db
  • DOCX
  • .mid
  • .EPS
  • .GIF
  • .dat
  • .CSV
  • .rpm
  • .PDF
  • .PY
  • .pkg
  • .RTF
  • .xhtml
  • .rar
  • .WAV
  • .log
  • .ZIP
  • .md
  • .XLS
  • .aif 
  • .xml
  • .wsf
  • .fon
  • .ttf
  • .svg
  • .asp
  • .css
  • .jsp
  • .php
  • .rss
  • .ppt
  • .key
  • .swift
  • .cpp


We have given you a lot of information about the extension above, but if you still have confusion about the extension, then your doubt will be clear from this step, let’s make an extension.

By the way, you can create any file extension using a notepad but all the files created by this process will not work but only a few files will work which do not need any other program/data to run like .html .txt file extension, etc.

So, first of all, open your notepad and if you are a mobile user then you can create these files but for this, you will need a code editor app.

So open your notepad and write something there normally, and press Ctrl + S and save the file and while saving, add “.txt” extension at the end of the file name, as if you assume that file with example name If you want to save while saving, you have to type the name like this example.txt, Now this Extension will create a txt file of texts that contain texts.

Now we will tell you about the .html Extension after which there will be no doubt in your mind,

So the first step for this is to get a little information about HTML and some of their example codes will also be found https://apsole.com/en/html-ka-full-form-kya-hai/,

Open notepad, write HTML code. Some code will be found in the above link, if you want, you can search on Google for more codes, write HTML codes in notepad/paste and save it And while saving, put .html at the end of the file name and save it as example.html

After saving the file, open it in the browser, and that file will work just like a web page and remember that if you make a mistake in the HTML code, then there may be an error in it, the code with the error will not work.

\And if you create files other than text files ie .html, .txt, etc. such as media file extension then that will not work because graphics is most important for media files, and media files can be created by compatible devices, such as the camera, So if you like the article what is extension share it with your friends.

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