What is Ebook, ebook full form in english

You must have read a lot of books but have you ever read Ebook, yes Ebook is also a book which provides us the facility to read content and Ebook has many advantages, yes but there are some disadvantages as well, so no matter, whatever it is, you will get complete information in this article.

Although the book is a full form but Ebook is a short form about which it is important for you to know what is Ebook and what is the full form of Ebook, and if you are interested in the internet then maybe you will have an idea about it too.

What is Ebook

Ebook full form – Electronic Book 

What is Ebook, full form of Ebook

Ebook is a modern form of books and you will need electronic devices to access Ebook, such as phone, computer, Ebook reader, and at the moment almost everyone has mobile so it is very easy for everyone to  use Ebook.

Although Ebook is not used very much, there are some reasons, and the biggest reason is earning because earning very much through Ebooks is not possible and people like to create a blog, put videos on youtube more than making Ebook because it is more capable. There are sources from which very high earning can be done but some special earning is not possible through Ebooks.

Most of the Ebooks, companies create for their products, policies but very few sites because creating Ebook becomes an additional work, to read which people have to download Ebook reader in their phone whereas companies or most peoples uses site pages to create any document or instruction that can be read without any additional program.

So if we say about the use of Ebook at this time, Ebook is not used much because instead of Ebook people like to watch videos on youtube or read articles on blogs because this process is quite simple for which just the user One has to search about that content in google and by clicking on the link anyone can go to that content.

And if you are thinking of creating an Ebook, then we will not suggest it to you at all because maybe you will not get any special benefit from it, but yes if you want to create then you can do it absolutely.

Although Ebooks can also be accessed by devices like computers, mobiles, tablets,s, etc. But there is an additional device for Ebook which is an Ebook reader which is specially designed for Ebooks and probably no one likes to buy it. Because this is an additional cost, while we can read Ebook from our phone itself, then there is no need for any additional device for that.

Although at this time there is no special use of Ebook reader, but yes Ebook reader used to be a very good device in its initial stage because smartphones were not present at that time, so if someone wanted to read something electronically then Ebook reader was one of the best device.

Benefits of Ebook

Although we could say till some time ago that yes Ebook has its benefits, but at this time Ebook does not have any special advantage, and you can guess this by yourself that if asked to get any information. Go that you get this information from the internet like suppose “What is Ebook” then where would you like to get information about Ebook, definitely about 50% of the people will answer from YouTube, and 50% of the people will answer from google.

Now 60% of the people went to direct youtube and 40% of which will be displayed on google, and youtube videos will also be displayed on google, some % people will also go to youtube from this and the remaining people will go to the blog pages appearing in google result, and it is not that the content on youtube and blogs is less, but the amount of content on them is very high, which fulfills all the needs of everyone.

So in this, you will not care at all about Ebook, and you will get so much content, information that it is not possible in Ebook, yes, but in some cases, Ebook has many benefits and most benefit is for an individual task.

  • If you work somewhere an Ebook will prove to be very beneficial for you because you can present anywhere by simply creating Ebook, Ebook is used by different types of companies for different types of purposes.
  • If you want to use Ebook for your study or want to use it for any such purpose for which you have to handle many books then Ebook will prove to be very beneficial for you because in this condition you have multiple books. You will not have to carry because you can keep many Ebooks on your device, and you will not have to carry the extra load.
  • Shareability – If you have a normal book, such as “science”, then it can be with only one person at a time because those books are physical, and can be in one place at a time but Ebook can be shared with multiple people.
  • Ebooks can be made more interactive because Ebooks are totally computer-based, so different types of elements can be used in it like creating a webpage.
  • Security – Physical books cannot be locked but Ebooks can also be protected by passwords so that no one else will be able to access your Ebook.
  • The advantage of Ebook was more when the internet was not available to everyone or there was very limited data because in that condition once the Ebook file had to be downloaded and anytime could get information from that Ebook when you want and There was no need to visit the internet again and again.

How to make an Ebook

There are many ways to create an Ebook such as from webpage, Wordpad, ms word, etc., or Ebook creator software, apps, etc., since all electronic files have an extension, in the same way, there are many extensions of Ebook which are of different types. But the most used extension for Ebook is .pdf, and above you have got information about what is Ebook, and now let’s get information about some extensions of Ebook then After that, you will get information about making Ebook.

  • PDF
  • RFT
  • IBA
  • LIT
  • AZW और AZW3
  • DJVU
  • MOBI
  • EPUB

How to create Ebook

Creating an Ebook is very simple, so, first of all, you decide why you want to create Ebook, such as a webpage, a text, or suppose you want to design an Ebook according to your own, then you can use different types of software such as ms word, Wordpad, PowerPoint, etc.

So first of all prepare the page by opening any software normally as you want in your Ebook and after the page is ready press ctrl + p and that page will be prepared to be printed.

Select “Save as PDF” in Destination, select all in Pages, select “Portrait” in Layout and click “Save”, and save that file, your file is ready to be an Ebook as a pdf file Which you can open, check and share, and in the same way, you can create an Ebook on any subject.

Disadvantages of Ebook

Although there is no particular disadvantage of Ebook but yes if physical books will be read then there is no effect on eyes but if you use Ebook then probably most of your time will be spent on computer/mobile screen and spending more time is not advisable, but if you want to, then use sunglasses to protect your eyes.

how to earn money from an ebook

Although we are not saying that you cannot earn money by selling Ebook, but at this time it is not possible to earn a lot from Ebook because at this time all types of content are available for free on youtube and blogs, so why would anyone buy Ebook. , Although some people can buy but not much, so our suggestion would be that you should not plan to create an ebook, rather create a blog or youtube channel and work on it, you will be able to earn a lot, but lets know in short how to earn money from Ebook.

First of all, create your Ebook and publish it on Ebook seller sites like amazon, blurb, kindle, etc., but don’t expect to earn too much as probably very few people will buy.

How to open ebook on mobile

  • If you are an android user then it may be that google pdf viewer is already installed in your phone but if it is not installed in your phone then go to google play store and download google pdf viewer.
  • After the installation is complete, go to your file where you have stored your pdf Ebook and click on it the Ebook will open, but only pdf Ebooks can be opened from this and if you want to open any other type of Ebook, you can download a compatible app for that which will open your Ebook, but definitely, you will not need any other Ebook opener because Ebook is created mostly in the pdf file only.

In this article you learned What is Ebook and Ebook full form in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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