What is DVR, DVR full form in english

When we use CCTV, we need three different equipment, camera, display, DVR and today we will know what is DVR, what is the full form of DVR, why DVR is used, DVR is a common part of CCTV, because we can use CCTV without display but not without DVR, what is DVR.

DVR is similar to cd player/dish receiver and works on the same principle DVR does the job of video recording and processing, CCTV cannot be used without DVR, whether to live play or save the video. This is because CCTV cameras cannot process video for display by itself.

But DVR is completely for offline process and is wired and through this, the camera activity can be displayed on the monitor and also it can save videos in HDD but NVR, XVR can also be used instead of DVR as per the requirement.

Full form of DVR – Digital Video Recorder

What is DVR what is the full form DVR

What is DVR

That is, a device that is specially designed for video recording, but it does not mean that you are calling the camera as DVR or recording video again, then call it DVR, rather DVR is a machine in which external camera and external display Is required and then processes the DVR video.

But if you want to save your recording online, then you can not do it through DVR, but for online access, you should plan about NVR instead of DVR, in which you get the option of online storage and access.

Hard Drive

The hard drive is one of the most important parts of DVR because the hard drive is the equipment in which DVR saves data, what size hard drive should be in a DVR, depends on the person who wants to install the hard drive. Because it will decide how many days to store the old video.

Because suppose if you use 1 TB of hard disk for your DVR then it will probably be enough for you, but it also depends on how many cameras the owner uses and stores the data in which size.

In this article you learned What is DVR and DVR full form in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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