What is DP, What is the full form of DP in english

Display picture photo DP is a word that is quite famous, people also speak DP DP but probably not everyone is aware that what is the full form of DP.

But still people understand its meaning, that an image is called dp, and many people also guess that the picture on the profile picture is called dp, but they cannot guess that after all. why profile picture is also called dp

What is DP, What is the full form of DP in english

The full form of DP is display picture , meaning it is very straightforward, if you set any profile picture on any of your account (facebook, whatsapp, hike, skype, imo etc) then you can also call that image as dp.

Yes, the full name of DP is display picture, whichever image you set on your profile picture, you can also call it dp.

DP meaning in English

DP stands for Display Picture which refers to the photo that you set as the profile picture of one of your accounts.

In this article you have learned what is DP and DP full form in English, we hope this information will prove useful for you.

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