What is domain/subdomain name, why and where it is used

It is very interesting to know what is a domain name, where and why it is used. Because the domain name is a very important part of the internet, we are able to access the internet only through a domain name.

By the way, Normal internet users have no idea about the domain because they never need it.

Meaning is needed, but they are only familiar with the name “website”. Because users do not need to understand the website deeply. And if you want to become a blogger, web developer, etc, it is very important for you to know about the domain name.

What is a domain name and what is its use on the internet?

What is a domain and subdomain name

If you want to be a blogger, it’s important to read this article because it’s a perfect guide to starting a blog. What is Blog/blogging should I start it or not?. You can also read this information with WebsiteTechopediaWebopedia.

In simple words, the domain is called the name of websites. Normally we call it website but for your information, I want to tell you that domain is a part of the website.

Because there are many parts of a website, but the domain is the name of our website, through which users are able to use our services.

While the internet is based on IP addresses, it becomes very easy to use the internet with the domain name.

If we want, we can also access websites directly from their IP address. Like Google –, Facebook – If we say that for our convenience, the IP address is replaced with the domain name, you can open the IP address given above if you want.
Here is another example –

No one can get another name like an already registered domain name. For example, you take the address of any website/blog. If it has already been registered by someone else, it will not be available for you.

If you want to check domain name availability, you can check from here Domain name availability check on name, just enter the name of the domain you want and search.

The domain name is in two parts. “domain” and “extension”. Such as “apsole” – domain name, “.com” – extension. The dot (.) is used between the domain and the extension to establish a relationship between. And my complete domain name is Apsole.com
The domain name is like a file of our mobile / computer, and in the whole world there can be only one domain of a name.

Extensions of domain

Many people have this confusion. .com .in .net .org is called domain but know these are called extensions. We can choose the extension of our choice for our blog/website.

.com is one of the most well known and most used extensions. Country-based extensions are also widely used, such as for India – .in, USA – .us, Uk – .uk, Canada – .ca etc. Similarly, there are also extensions of organizations, government etc portals, just like .org, .gov, etc.

Can I register a domain name too?

Yes, any person in the world can buy a domain. There are many websites on which you can register the domain of your choice. But these are not free, yes if you want to register the domain, you have to pay to the company from which you will buy the domain.

The prices, features of all companies are different, and it depends on which domain you buy from which company. You can register any domain according to your requirements and also choose the desired extension.

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If you want to buy a domain name, obviously you want to create a blog/website.
So in such a way, know that blog/website does not run only by domain name, for this you will have to buy the host along with the domain name.

However, if we do everything by ourselves, it can cost a lot, may take a lot of time but there is nothing to worry about it. You can use any “site builder” website to launch your website.

In just 30 minutes you can create your website and get ready. If you are thinking about making your own website/blog, know that you can make money from it and that too much. How to earn money from a blog/website.

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Who is the domain registrar?

When it comes to offline things or a single domain/website, one person can have the right over them.
But no one person owns the entire Internet.

There are many domain registrars all over the world, they make servers and sell them online. First of all, they make their own servers, that is, in a way, they create data centers. And then they make their own website to sell host/domain name from their server, by visiting which we can buy domain names from them.

And these servers are not operated by any single person, rather they have a large team. Their team may be small to large according to their servers, in March 2019 the total employee number of Godaddy was around 9000+.

If we want, we can also create our own server, but it can be very expensive and may require a lot of technical information as well. Creating a server is very risky so it’s better that we buy domain names from domain registrars.

And if you have a website/blog on which traffic is getting around 1 – 1.5 million and is also increasing, you must consider making your own server.

What is a subdomain and how it differs from a domain name

You have already known about the domain name and the subdomain is also exactly the same. When we create a domain inside a domain name, it is called a subdomain.

As you know I have an apsole.com domain, now if I want, I can create many subdomains on my apsole primary domain and that too for free. Because I have rights to the apsole.

If you do not have a domain name, you can still create a subdomain and blogger.com is a great platform for this, even on WordPress. And you will get such subdomain like yourdomain.blogspot.com, yourdomain.wordpress.com, etc.

Consider before purchasing domain

I have often seen many people buy crooked domain names. After all, I do not understand why people buy such complicated domains.

However, it is a matter of choice. But as far as possible try to buy a domain that looks absolutely professional.

Just like a company, yes it is true that many more domains have already been registered so that it is very difficult to get a domain name of a familiar name. But never mind, we can also create a new word by ourselves, although it may take some time.

As you can see Apsole.com. When I was buying the domain name, I tried many unique names but all were already registered, and finally, I got Apsole while trying. I also find the apsole quite unique. Tell us how you feel in the comment.

How much is the validity of a domain name

It depends on you how long you want to run a domain. A domain will remain valid for eternity, yes the only condition is that keep paying for the domain.

Yes, if you have a domain and for the number of days you have purchased the domain after that your domain will expire.

Before expiring the domain name, you can increase its validity by making a payment. However, you can renew your domain even after the domain name expires and your domain will be revived.

By the way, we have tried to give better information about the domain name and I hope you have understood that what is the domain name. If there is any question related to the domain name, you can ask us in the comment. We will be happy to help you.

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