What is CVV | CVV meaning, find My CVV number

What is CVV | CVV meaning, find My CVV number

if you have a debit card or credit card and you have ever made an online payment then definitely you will need a CVV / CVC code, but if you could not pay just because you did not have a CVV code, it is wrong because if you have a debit card or credit card, you also have CVV code because CVV code is present on the cards, What is CVV code.

However, it is another thing that some people know it as CVV and some people know it as CVC and this is only because on some debit cards the same is printed as CVV and some cards have CVC. Well, the full form of both is different but the purpose is the same, which is extra security and extra verification.

Full form of CVV – Card Verification Value

What is CVV what is the full form of CVV

There is an extra layer of CVV verification so that even if someone has the detail of your debit or credit card, they cannot process any payment from your card unless they have the CVV code.

CVC – Card Verification Code

You can compare the full form of both CVV and CVC which may be different words but they mean the same which is to provide extra security and verification layer to the card.

What is CVV, how do I findy CVV Number

CVV or CVC is a code that is printed on the backside of the card and the CVV code has an important role in all types of transactions.

If you make a payment, then you have to enter the details of your card such as card number, expiry date, cardholder name, and CVV code in the final step which verifies that you are the owner of that card, however only Not the only CVV, if any of this information will be incorrect, then you will not be able to pay.

But if your card is lost or you have given someone your own card then surely the CVV code will not be able to provide you security in any way, CVV is not there to protect you from any unknown fraudster because surely no unknown person. Cannot randomly guess the card number, expiry date, name unless you provide all the info to them.

And if you use your card in the atm machine, then the machine automatically reads your card and your pin is required, then you can understand that CVV does not matter physically but CVV does our extra security then When we pay online.

How CVV protects us

When we do any task online anywhere but do not save our card, then it does not cause any problem, but when we save our card detail in any of our online accounts, then there can be a problem and from the same problem, CVV code Saves us.

And anyway, a real company does not save any customer’s credit/debit card detail without its permission but in many places, we need to manually add and some websites/apps to save the card for further transactions.

So the card detail that we save on portals includes, card number, name, expiry date, and CVV is not saved and it only protects us from spam/fraud.

CVV is not to protect you from an unknown person, but so that those close to you who live in your touch do not commit fraud.

Like we take example amazon, which is the largest eCommerce company in the world, so if you do any shopping with amazon, you make a payment with your debit card, then that card detail will be added to your amazon account.

And if you order a product again and you pay for it, then your added card will also show in the payment option and when you pay again, the CVV code will be asked again so that it can be verified that you are the admin of that card.

Because if CVV system had not been there, when your phone is with someone else like your friends, relatives, etc, your card detail is already saved and they could pay using it and they have your phone so they can get OTP and payment will be success and you would not even know.

But due to the CVV code, this is not possible because on many websites you have saved your card but at the time of every new payment, CVV is asked, which is only available with you on the backside of the card.

Although CVV worked as a security in online transactions for us, it does not mean that just knowing CVV code mill will make a person payment, but remember CVV verifies only card and OTP is required in the final step of payment, that will be sent by the card company to your registered number.

So this was the basic information about CVV, we hope that this article “what is CVV, what is the full form of CVV” ​​will prove to be helpful for you and if you liked the article, share it with your friends that What is CVV What is the full form of CVV.

Because many beginners are not able to make their payments just because they do not know what is CVV and what is the full form of CVV because CVV seems like an additional code but it is not.

The CVV code you will find on the back side of the card, mostly in the back side but on some banks cards, the CVV code is given in the front itself, like American express card, it is in the front of the CVV card and its code is 4 digits While most of the cards have only three digits CVV.

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