What is CSC

CSC is a service that exists in almost every area so that people can process or complete their tasks, well everyone is familiar with the basic name of CSC, but sometimes we get to see the CSC instead or use CSC with our name that runs the “Public Convenience Centre,’ ‘Jan suvidha kendra’.

Full form of CSC – Common Service Center, (Mostly known by the name of the Jan Seva Kendra or Public Utility Center)

What is CSC

Most people in rural areas know it only through the name of “Jan Suvidha Kendra” and very few people are familiar with the name of CSC “Common Service Center“.

CSC is a physical facility like other computer services, which is a government service and this facility is provided to the interested persons of CSC on the basis of certain qualifications, and permission for many government services is also provided.

The biggest benefit of CSC is that people need a lot of tasks that are included in the government facility and if CSC was not there then people would have to face a lot of problems for those services because those can not be accessed easily.

But due to CSC all the tasks have become very easy, by the way, any person can do many tasks and that too without getting CSC, and such tasks are done very much like applying forms, paying bills, Etc., but along with this, many other documents of the people are also required which are issued by the government.

Or there are many services that only can be processed by CSC holders because the CSC holder gets a CSC license (Login Credential).

Like if we talk about one of the most common document which is needed almost everywhere and that is, income, caste, and residence certificate, if any person wants to get one of these documents, then he has to go to CSC, Even these documents are also certified by the CSC holder, but if you want to open a shop whose purpose is to make non-government services, then CSC will not be required.

Because it is not necessary to have a CSC-certified center for any private task, any person can process private tasks and also some government tasks.

CSC was founded by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on July 16, 2009, of which headquarter is in Delhi (Electronics Niketan, New Delhi, India), more information about CSC can be found on the CSC portal https://CSC.gov.in/.

CSC is a very effective center which provides various types of government and private online facilities to the people of that area, helps in preparing various types of documents etc. There are many such services for which we may have to go a long way. But all the work is done easily through CSC and CSC centers are present in all the areas all over India whether it is urban area or rural area, although it is different that you have to know more about CSC center in your area.

If you are in your own area then it is obvious that you must know about one or two CSC centers from which you can get your important work done but if you go to some other area or far away from your place of residence then There, if you need a CSC center and you do not know where this center is, then there is also an option to search online so that you can find out very easily that the area you are currently in. But you can see the complete list of how many CSC centers are there in the vicinity and which is the nearest center.

Also you can see CSC center agent CSC center address etc which will help you to reach that CSC center for which CSC locator has been made and by going there any person can easily enter CSC center address by entering their location. can put

csc center locator

  • First of all go to locator.csccloud.in and first you have to select your state, then click on the state box and in this you will be given the complete list of the state, click on whichever state you want to see the CSC center, you select your state do
  • Just below that you will get the district option but remember the district option will be available only when you select your state, then first select your state and then select your district
  • In the third option, you will be shown the sub-districts but it is not necessary that the location where you live should also be shown, then first select your sub-district.
  • Now in the fourth option, you will get the option of VLE, ​​if you want, you can also enter your VLE but it is often seen that after entering the VLE, ​​the CSC locator does not show any center, this is because the VLE address is not accurate and this You can also make a mistake, so you have to leave this option blank.
  • Now for human verification, in the last you will get the option of captcha in which some numbers are given, enter that number in the box below and click on the search button
  • Your location i.e. state followed by district then sub district and all the CSC centers present inside the sub district selected by you will be shown and this list can be very long maybe you have problem in finding your nearest center for this you If you want you can search using direct find and tool if you are computer user then press ctrl+f and enter pin code of that location enter name of house location where you want to check if CSC center is present there or No and press enter if any CSC center will be present on the address you entered then it will be highlighted and you will be shown the name of CSC center agent and there address etc.
  • And if you are a mobile user and using Chrome, then click on Three Dot at the top of the right side and some options will be shown in which you will get the option of Find, enter the name of the location or if you want, the pin code of that area Enter and search if there is any CSC center present at this location it will get highlighted
  • If you have found a CSC center at your current location, then you will get the option of map point in the right side of that CSC center, click on that point and Google Map will open and the location of that CSC center will be visible if you want. Through that CSC center can reach.

This method is the official method provided by CSC i.e. CSC locator using which anyone can locate CSC but if you do not want to use it then you can try another method which is Google.

All you have to do is search in google that csc near me and google may ask you to force the location because location is required to show the correct location if location is not enabled then google may be wrong csc Also show the center, so first of all turn on the location and search for CSC Center Near Me and the option of map will come in which the CSC center closest to you will be shown and you can reach the CSC center by using its direction.

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