What is cPanel, cPanel full form in English

Although the full form of CPanel is Control Panel, as the setting of the computer can be controlled, but the Control Panel of the computer is known as Control Panel, but the main famous software by the name of Cpanel is The hosting manager is “Cpanel”, which is used to fully manage web hosting, most large websites create their own web hosting manager application to manage their web hosting, but many companies sell web hosting and to manage that hosting they provide cPanel, through which the customer can manage that web hosting.

What is Cpanel, Cpanel full form in English 

What is cPanel full form in English

On the basis of cPanel, the hostinger company has launched hpanel, which is almost similar to cPanel, but hPanel is more capable than cPanel.

file manager

File manager is one of the most important feature of cpanel, which is present in all web hosting manager software from where web hosting’s files can be managed manually, any website’s file manager has all the coding files of that website.

And deleting any file from the file manager without reason or tampering with it can also break the website, because the website is running through the code present in the file manager, and if it deletes any important file If so, that feature may stop working in that website, and even file any file deletion may break full website.

Database manager

The mysql database can be created for your hosting through cPanel, and any change or deletion of that database can be done, but anyone using the content management system don’t meet to manually manage the database of their website. There is no need to do this, because most people use the WordPress content management system, and for this, there is an automatic installation Process in the cPanel, which automatically installs WordPress and automatically connects to the hosts file by creating a database. That is, for any website it is necessary to connect the database and the file, which is connected with the username and password of the MySQL database.


Although the backup feature is provided in the panel, but the sad thing is that the backup feature of Cpanel is not very capable, because the backup feature of cpanel can create the backup manually, in this condition for the website owner a problem arises, that he has to use some software to back up his website separately.

Whereas the same other web hosting manager such as hPanel provided by Hostinger works very well in the matter of backup, which creates automatic backup every day at the time set by you, so that if due to any reason in the website, If an error occurs, you can restart your website through that backup in just a few minutes.

Softaculous installer

Softaculous installer is a web software which helps to install any content management system or other software in hosting in just few clicks without any technical knowledge, specially for cpanel users Softaculous installer to install WordPress website is very easy, although any Application content Management System can be manually installed on any host, but it may also require some technical knowledge and may be due to incorrect installation. But Softaculous installer makes this task very easy, for which you just have to enter the name of your application, title password, etc., and then after clicking on the install button, the automatic installation starts.


You can also see through your cpanel how much storage you have in your hosting, and how much storage you have used, and you can increase your hosting resources according to your need.

Which company uses cPanel

Many web hosting companies provide cPanel to their users as Hosting Manager, while some companies have their own web hosting manager applications that those companies customize themselves, and other web hosting manager applications are more capable than cPanel. However, their advantage is that companies provide extra features in those web hosting managers, so that it can be very helpful in managing their website, migrating and upgrading or downgrading plans, etc.

Disadvantages of Using Cpanel

Although cPanel is a very famous web hosting manager but it also has some drawbacks, so that you may have to face a lot of problems in the future, because the website being controlled through cPanel can break sometimes on some small tasks, it may crash completely, and there is no auto backup option in cpanel, which can cause you a lot of damage.

My own experience is that when I was running my WordPress blog, some errors came in my blog and in order to fix those errors, I made some other errors in my blog, after which i had to contact to web hosting company and i told them my problem and they took some steps to fix my problem but what they did how did i don’t know, they said i just Updated PHP, but my website was completely deleted, there was no content on it, looking like a brand new WordPress blog.

And the problem was that in cpanel I do not have the option of automatic backup, and in such a situation I did not have any backup, then it became a big problem for me, just think what will be, if this ever happens to you, Because you do not even have a backup and your website is completely destroyed, then how will you start it, but maybe my luck was a little bit better, because about 15 to 20 days old offline backup was stored offline in my computer, which i restored. After doing that my website started working properly but I did not get the data for that 15 to 20 days.

In Cpanel, I had to face many different problems in the same way, but twice there was a bigger problem, out of which I have already explained, in which my website was completely deleted. and once due to some other problem my website was completely deleted in this way.

And I would suggest you to use any such web hosting which gives you the option of daily automatic backup, because in this way your website is completely secure, suppose anytime any accident happens to your website like hacking or any other type of problem after that your site may crash completely, then you can restart your website by using your website backup.

Although you can make a backup of your website manually, but in such a situation, you may have some problem in restarting your website, but if you use a web hosting company that uses one of the best web hosting manager application And in that you get automatic backup, then in case of website hack or error, you can restore your website in just one click, and your website will be started in less time.

We hope this information about what is cpanel cpanel and full form of cpanel in English will prove useful for you.

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