What is Computer, Computer full form

So today’s content is about the most used thing in the world, that is the computer, if the computer will be turned off for a single day around the world you can think what would be, it will seem like the world is stopped.

Computer is a worldwide used device, Computer is used all over the world because of the computer, a lot of tasks can be done very easily in a few moments.

Full form of Computer

  • Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research
  • Common Operated Machine Particularly used for Training Education & Research
  • Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Technology Engineering Research

What is Computer

Charles Babbage, who was a mathematician, philosopher, inventor, and mechanical engineer, invented the computer for computing purposes.

Computer word is derived from “compute” which means to calculate, and if we add “r” with compute, that means “Calculation equipment”.

So as we have told you above that the father of the computer is Charles Babbage who invented the computer, especially for calculation.

But there has been continuous improvement in computers and today’s computers are capable of completing all kinds of tasks, because of computers, today the world is connected to each other through the internet.

The tasks of companies, institutions, organizations, etc. are done very easily due to computers.

Websites, apps are developed through the computer itself, which provide different types of services day by day so that we can do most of our tasks from the computer/Mobile.

Computers were very big in the initial phase and due to the improvement in the computer, Computer became available in a very small size, Which has many different parts.

Parts of Computer

A Computer consisting of several different devices consisting of CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker

However, these computers were not portable, you can use those computers in a permanent place because it’s hard to use computers in different places.

Because there are many parts of the computer which is slightly hard to shift from one place to another by one person, and for that the biggest problem is electricity.

And in view of all these things, the world’s first portable computer was developed in 1981, which was named Osborne 1.

Osborne 1 portable computer was developed by Adam Osborne in 1981 and was designed by Lee Felsenstein called a laptop.

Laptop – Lightweight Analytical Platform with Total Optimized Power

But those laptops used to be much heavier than today’s laptops, but now modern laptops have broken all records, now there are much more lightweight laptops available and that too with super fast speed.

And at this time no individual user likes to buy Computer because Computer is much heavier and unportable than a laptop.

Although the computer is used by all banks, institutions, organizations, and companies, but individual users like to use laptops because laptops are portable and much more lightweight.

Computer working principle

Computer is an electric device that has two main parts, software, and hardware

hardware We use another company, software from another company, to run any computer, one of the most important software is required and that is OS.

OS is the primary software of a computer and any activity in hardware is done by that OS itself.

The most widely used operating system in the world, Windows – Computer operating system, Android – Mobile operating system

No matter which operating system you use on your computer, you get many programs and features already installed.

But if you need more programs, you can download them through the internet and install it on your computer, some software may be free and some software may be paid.

You can give any command to your Computer which will be processed at superfast speed, command is given by code which we call programming language.

For example, if you want to save any music, movie, video, etc., then the process of saving it will be done by the computer program but it will be saved in the hardware.

And that data will be saved in your computer’s hard drive, hard drive is the ram and rom of your computer, and 500 GB hard drive costs about 2200 INR.

But those codes will not be visible to you because those codes are input programs of computer software and the output of those codes is visible to you (remember we are talking about input and output of computer programs here, because computer programs and computer input and output are different)


In computer programs, code input occurs and the programs of those codes we get as Computer Program (Software).

And as far as the point is Computer input/computer input. Output devices are very different, it includes devices, such as

input devices – Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Microphone, etc., will be called input devices through which we give a command to the Computer or we are able to do an activity in computer.

output devices – Monitor, Printer, Speaker, Projector, Headphone, etc., will call computer devices that provide us data

Any Computer program has a lot number of lines of code according to its services, then it can be millions, billions of lines.

If you want, you can also create such programs, but for this, you should have knowledge of computer programming language.

contribution in Internet

As far as the Internet is concerned, they are also fully Computer-based.

You must have heard about the server on which websites are hosted and you are able to access the Internet, they are also made entirely from Computer equipment.

Can Computer work process automatically

Yes, computers can process automatically and also not, but computers cannot take any decision themselves.

As far as the work of the computer is concerned, it can be done automatically through computer programs, just need to create the program accordingly.

For the same way google crawler, Google crawler crawls the web pages itself and processes it itself, including, excluding, ranking, etc. everything processes google bot automatically, for which Google has created an algorithm.

And those Google bots work on the same principle as the crawler has been optimized, i.e. google crawler has a method of crawling web pages and they work automatically on the same method.

In the same way, there are automated programs that can be created and will work automatically, but they will process that task on the same method that the command will be given through that program, but whether the task will be wrong or correct or will require optimization. All these things do not matter for that program because the computer itself cannot take any decision.

Computer will process everything 100% accurately as the command will be given through the computer program.

So through this article, you have learned about computer I hope this information will be useful for you.

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