What is computer, Computer full form in english, Computer meaning

With the increasing time, the use of computers is also increasing continuously because most of the work is now being done through online computers, so that more speed can be seen in all the work because the tasks for which people had to go to the office earlier. now people can easily do those things sitting at home, computer has become a main part of everyone’s life, although not everyone has a computer but mobile is also a computer based device, Those who have only one source of development, which are made by programming language and work on binary code.

What is computer hardware

Computer is an electronic device that works on the input command of the user, through which information can be exchanged, computer was mainly invented for calculation but now computer is not limited to calculation but has become a very big system. The computer was invented by Charles Babbage, a mathematician, philosopher and mechanical engineer.

What is computer software

Computer software is the program that runs on computer hardware and comes first in this operating system, any computer hardware needs an operating system first to function, the compatibility of computer hardware and operating system is very It is more important, so that the computer can work well, after the computer operating system, the application software is the most important part, which is installed in the operating system and the software market is full of application software, and now any person According to his need, application software can be installed in his computer, out of which many application software are also free and we may have to pay for many application software.

What is the Advantage of computer

  1. Accuracy – There is a high probability of error in manual tasks, even when there is no room for error in tasks performed by a computer. Perfectly accurate tasks are performed
  2. Huge Storage Capacity – The storage capacity of the computer is very high so that we can store many files, documents etc. on the computer.
  3. Speed ​​up tasks – Most of the work we can do through computer, which leads to very fast processing and the tasks to be done offline used to take a lot of time, whereas all the tasks have become much easier now through online computer
  4. Internet – Internet is one of the biggest part of computer because the whole world is connected to each other through internet today, and it takes seconds to send any information from corner to corner of the world, and at the same time there is no such thing on internet. There are countless services out there that are making people’s jobs and their lives much easier.

what does the computer do

The computer completes the commands given by the input as input output, and that task depends on the computer program that is being run, because the way of working of all computer application software and the same functionality is different.

what is the full form of computer

Although there is no fixed full form of computer, but many have been presented on the basis of working of computer, which are as follows Common Operating Machine Purposely used for Technological and Educational research

who invented the computer

Computer was invented by Charles Babbage mainly for the purpose of calculation, which is no longer limited to the world of calculation, but computer has an important contribution in all fields.

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