What is Coding

If you use the internet and are interested in the internet, computer technology, then you must have read or heard about coding at some time but do you know what is coding and what are the benefits of coding and why coding is used. If you do not know what is created or developed by coding, then perhaps you are surprised to know that the mobile/computer, etc. that you use are all created by coding.

So today we will get information about what is coding and how to learn to coding, what is the benefit of coding, etc., because when you search about developing any technical product, there is a word common in all places, which is coding, because the technology is completely computer-based, whether it is a phone, website, app, tablet, software, etc., but computer technology is used in all and the way human language is “Hindi, English” etc. The computer also has a language.

And every technology products understand computer language and work on the command given by them, whether it can be called computer language, programming language or coding, all are the same and if you want to start your own blog. If you want to start a website or you may need coding, then let’s know what is coding and what is possible to do with it.

What is coding

Writing any type of code, manipulating the code is called coding, then it can happen not just in the computer but in any industry but it happens very rarely and especially the process of coding, writing computer code computer science and industry is based on coding as you can also take the example of things like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Apps, Software, etc. all are made by coding.

Whether company small or large, if computer technology is used in it, they will need coding, such as space agencies, NASA, isro, etc.

Although coding itself is called a programming language but it can also be divide by keeping some things in mind, it can be said that there are many types of computer programming languages such as Java, PHP, python, c, c ++, CSS, HTML, etc. But coding is not done with just one programming language but multiple programming languages is used for coding.

Because no program can be created just by coding with a single programming language, but in coding different types of programming languages ​​are used as per the requirement, as you can understand from Google, used programming languages by Google C, C ++, Go, Java, Python, Node.

Let’s not decide which programming languages ​​to use for which program, but according to the requirement, multiple programming languages are used in coding as you can take another example of Facebook, Facebook also uses multiple programming languages PHP, Python, C ++, etc.

So if you also want to become a developer, this information is very important for you, what is the coding, because whether to develop a computer program or work on the already developed program, coding skill is very important and it is not that by coding can be the best development rather it also used for bad tasks like hacking.

Coding process

By the way, ide is needed for coding so that you can easily write code and ide will also show you the result of what program is made from the code you have written, but if there is a matter of creating programming files, then you can also make generally through notepad. because notepad is capable of creating all kinds of files, but if you do some coding through notepad, then you will not be able to see the result of it nor will you be able to find out if there is any error in your code.

Yes but if you want you can do HTML coding with notepad and save it with .html and you can open that file in a browser to see the result.

How to learn coding

Although it was hard to learn coding till some time ago because there were not many options to learn coding but there are many options to learn coding and at this time the online system has become a huge source of study.


This is the primary source of study for which you can join any programming institute or if you have just completed 12th then you can study software engineering in which you will be taught about computer science and also taught about coding.

But in that, you will not be made a coding master and if you want to become a coding master then you have to join a special programming institute in which you will be told about that specific programming language and trained.

Since you will learn coding from an institute/college, it is obvious that you will also have to pay a fee, but if you want, you can also choose another option which is online study.


If you want to learn coding but you cannot join any institute or college, then you can learn coding online. There are many websites that teach especially coding, and that too for free, or if you want you can download apps of coding tutorials.

Or if you want, you can learn coding on youtube too, but we would suggest that instead of youtube to learn coding, you should use programming tutorial websites because on them you can practice as well as reading tutorials.

Which programming language should I learn

This point matters a lot because for a beginner it can be very hard to understand the coding and if talk about the easiest programming is HTML, if you do your journey of coding HTML then you can do the coding You can understand more easily but if you do not want to learn HTML then you can start learning from c, c ++.

Because if you do not have specific knowledge of coding, then if you learn directly java, PHP, etc., can be very hard for you.

But before learning programming, you also have to decide what purpose you want to learn programming, yes we know that almost 80% learn coding just to get a good job, so if you only need one of the programming You can get the job even if you have knowledge of language, but if you want to develop something, some product by yourself, then you will need many programming languages.

But before you learn programming, you also have to decide what purpose you want to learn programming, yes, we know that almost 80% of people learn to code just so that one can get a good job, so even if you knowledge just one programming language, you can get the job, but if you do something from yourself If you want to develop your own product, you will need a lot of programming languages.

How much is the salary of Programmer

The salary of a programmer depends on many things, the first thing is that if he does a job, then it depends on which product he works for, which company, and it also depends on his experience, a programmer can get 50,000+ monthly.

But nothing can be said about the programmer who wants to do their own business, how much they can earn because suppose if you are a programmer and you want to develop your own product, then the first thing in it. It may take some time because it is not very easy to develop any computer program.

And if you develop your product, then you can earn a lot more than you can never earn from a job, but for this, you have to develop the best program that people like to use, and your program (App, Software, website) The more traffic you get, the more you will earn.

How to become a successful coder/programmer

The first thing is that coding is not a subject that you can learn from theory, because coding involves writing a lot of lines of code, for which it is very important to do practical, coding is such a thing that can be improved only from practical. Therefore, if you want to become the best programmer, then you will need to do more and more practical.

Because practices make a man perfect ”So it is obvious that you will not be able to become a good programmer in a day, rather you will have to work very hard to become a good programmer.

Use of Coding in some basic products

in website develop

If you want to create your own website, you will get a lot of cms using which a website can be launched and that too in just a few minutes but it is a program that cannot be better for all kinds of business purposes. Therefore, in some conditions, a website may have to be manually created and such sites are also called hard coded sites because it is very hard to manually create any website by coding.

And if a website is created using cms, then you may need coding such as for some changes in the site or if you want to add something.

In app development

Everyone uses mobile and installs and uses different types of apps, of course, you must also do but have you ever thought about how the app is made, yes the app is also created through coding and TO create an app It has to write million line code, however, it also depends on what type of app is that because some apps run by coding too many lines, then many apps recruit less line code.

Like you can think of google chrome browser which runs with the code of 60,00,000 lines.

Coding Error

This is a very common thing of coding that a programmer knows and understands very well, because if there is an error in the code, the code will not work,

And in a single attempt, no program becomes perfect but it is constantly worked on and fixed, and then even if the program created is working well, but even then there are a lot of errors in it, that can be fixed in several updates.

So you have got complete information about what is coding. We hope that you must have liked this article, what is coding because coding is such a source that controls computer hardware, so if you liked the article, share it with your friends and also tell them what is coding.

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