What is CCTV, CCTV full form in english

Everyone must have almost heard about CCTV because CCTV is used not only in cities but also in rural areas, CCTV used for security + safety purposes, almost all types of shops and banks have CCTV cameras. There are even many people who use CCTV at home as well.

And 90% people have absolutely no idea what is the full form of CCTV that you will know about in this article and earlier we told you what is the full form of TV if you have not read that article yet read now because TV is also used in CCTV.

And if you have a shop or do any business in which customers or people are visiting, then you should also use CCTV so that no one can fraud with you and in case of fraud or something untoward you can check how that activity happened.

What is CCTV

Full form of CCTV – Closed Circuit Television

What is CCTV what is the full form of CCTV

CCTV is a combination of camera and display that is used to record the activity of a location in which the camera is used to record the location in which the location has to be recorded and the display is placed in the room and the entire activity in front of the camera can be watched live and also record.

Because drive is also used to save this video, which keeps the data stored for the last several days and how long to store the video depends on the person who installs the CCTV.

Multiple cameras are used in CCTV in almost all places and a single monitor is enough to handle the activity of all cameras.

In many places, CCTV is used only for working time, while in many places 24 hours CCTV cameras are on, and CCTV cameras are not just one type but different types which have different quality but are the most used CCTV camera is wired.

But there are many places where installing wired CCTV cameras is very hard and wireless CCTV cameras prove to be much better for such locations because installation of wireless CCTV is very easy, on CCTV’s videos offline and online (mobile ) Can also be seen and it depends on what type of CCTV you choose.

Often there are many cases that are easily solved due to CCTV because it becomes easy to identify and catch the culprit through CCTV.

How many types of CCTV cameras are

By the way, you will find different types of CCTV cameras in the market, some cheap, some expensive, even if your budget is not very good, but if you want, you can install cheap CCTVs very easily, all kinds of CCTV cameras can record and save the activity front of CCTV camera.

And as far as these types of things are concerned, their technologies like CCTV recording only have offline saved and offline play and limited storage, low-quality camera, high-quality camera, rotatable camera, online access, online storage, offline/online access, CCTV camera without display, camera with display, etc., you can choose the CCTV camera which you feel is perfect for you.

In this article you learned What is CC and CC full form in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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