What is Captcha What is the full form of CAPTCHA

Today we will know what is CAPTCHA and what is the full form of CAPTCHA, everyone is using the internet because the internet is available everywhere and that too at a cheap rate, definitely you will also be using, and have you ever heard of robot or bot name, the bot is a Computer Programmed System.

So if you normally use the internet like youtube, Facebook then hardly you have ever face CAPTCHA, but if you do deep surfing on the internet such as running a blog, spending more time on Google or any specific tool You must have faced CAPTCHA many times, about which we will know in this post that what is CAPTCHA, what is the full form of CAPTCHA, why is CAPTCHA used.

What is the full form of CAPTCHA

Full form of CAPTCHA – Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart

What is CAPTCHA what is the full form of CAPTCHA


CAPTCHA is a specific computer program to verify the identity of humans and bots as a lot of bots are run by hackers like humans for various types of tasks like, To down the response of site, to hack websites, etc., Because bots can surf on sites like humans unless captcha prevents them.

And websites use CAPTCHA for their security, so that if a bot tries to access that service then it can be prevent, because no bot can solve CAPTCHA while a real person can solve a CAPTCHA Easily and accesses that service.

Mostly any website is asked to solve CAPTCHA when you are filling a form, visiting a specific page, etc. Because the interfere of bots in such places can cause much harm, CAPTCHA can be of many types And different websites use different CAPTCHA.

In CAPTCHA, a random task is given to solve and the task will be different in every attempt so that no one bot has an idea what will be the question in the CAPTCHA, while a human can easily understand the question of CAPTCHA.

But google CAPTCHA is used by most websites, for which there is some specific reason about which you will know further, then above you have got the information that what is the full form of CAPTCHA and basically you have understood CAPTCHA.

How many types of CAPTCHA are there

Mostly you must have seen two types of CAPTCHA in which there is a google CAPTCHA in which some pictures are shown and have to identify and humans can identify and solve easily but bot can’t solve the CAPTCHA and they will be prevented to access that service.

And the second is to show some words/numbers and enter them in the box below, or else there can be random questions that you can solve easily.

But apart from these, different types of CAPTCHA exist but they are not used as much as google CAPTCHA because most of the websites are run by an individual who does not have any specific knowledge of programming and cannot develop CAPTCHA system for themselves but When it comes to protecting any website from spammers or bots, CAPTCHA is necessary.

And google CAPTCHA is available absolutely free which anyone can use on their website and they also use google CAPTCHA in many modes, in such a way that most of the websites do not require any programming skill, only in a few steps google CAPTCHA can be implemented into website/blog.

While other big websites use their own developed CAPTCHA system, yes you can develop your CAPTCHA system if you want to, but it is not very easy.

Has Google ever asked you to CAPTCHA solve

If you do any unusual activity on google then google may ask you to solve a CAPTCHA, however, on google’s homepage, Normally you will not see the CAPTCHA box it is only for the user’s convenience but if you want to check this thing So you have to do something like this.

Go to Google homepage and search for anything that you like, and below you get the option of next page which includes pages from 1 – 10, go to 8 – 10th page one by one and if you are a mobile user then more You will get the option of “More results”, clicking on it, go to 8 – 10th page or more.

And search something again and go to 8- 10th page in the same way, multiple times randomly search exactly the same way and go for 8- 10th page and in a few cases, Google will ask you to solve the CAPTCHA because it is an unusual activity that is carried out by bots.

And google will say that “Our system has detected unusual activity from your computer” and will ask you to solve CAPTCHA for human verification, and if you solve that CAPTCHA then you will be able to use google again otherwise you will not be able to use Google, all this process is processed by IP because the Internet is IP based, and without your IP human verification, Google will not allow you to access their service.

Similarly, google CAPTCHA is used on various websites, some of which ask to solve some specific task, but some websites use google CAPTCHA in hidden mode so that CAPTCHA will be asked to solve only when they doubt that it is a bot activity.

And if you are a website/blog admin and you want to implement CAPTCHA in your blog then you can do it easily about which we have already published an article, how to add google CAPTCHA in WordPress.

How to solve a CAPTCHA

Many beginners have problems solving CAPTCHA because they have no idea about CAPTCHA what is CAPTCHA, what is the full form of CAPTCHA, etc., but you have got a lot of knowledge about the CAPTCHA and now Let’s know how to solve the CAPTCHA.

If you are ever given somewhere to solve google CAPTCHA, then some pictures are given in it and it is also mentioned above what to do with those pictures, mostly you will have to identify these images which will be in different square boxes,

As you can be told “select all images with” …….. and it will be a random object like a car, bus truck, cycle, traffic light, etc. There can be different types of questions, just you have to identify them. And mark the correct answer and verify if the answer given by you is correct, then the verification will be completed otherwise you will be asked to solve CAPTCHA again.

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