What is Bug

If you are a blogger or a developer, you may have heard the name of Bug at some time, but when someone first hears the name of the bug, then there is a lot of doubt in his mind as “what is the bug” because of the error or any other word Everyone understands, but the bug seems to be a little unknown word, but when a website or app is hacked, you get to hear that the site has been hacked due to a bug but the bug word is very doubtful for beginners It remains what is a bug and because of the bug, their site may not be safe.

And there should be fear because any site can be hacked if there is a bug, so you should always keep your site bugless, although fixing a bug is not a very easy task but a very difficult task, so let’s know what is bug And why is it harmful to any website, app.

What is Bug

What is Bug

A bug is called the mistakes, faults of any computer program such as website, app, software, etc, all computer programs are made by coding and while developing that programs there are some errors in those codes which are called bugs. And in its initial stage, there are too many errors in the codes because no computer program can be bugless on first-time development, even in many computer programs, bug remains for a long time.

Now you may also think that it can be called an error as well, so why it’s called Bug but it is not so that any bug in the computer program cannot be called an error because Bug and error are quite different.

Error completely prevents the program from running but Bug does not prevent that program but remains with the program that affects the program a little or Bug can become the reason of hacking, Whether it is a program like an app, website, software, etc.

Big websites spend billions of money just to fix bugs, even many websites challenge the world that if someone can hack their program or find bugs, then that company offers a big package.

By the way, fixing bugs is a much easier task for big companies, but for small companies, it becomes a bit hard, and even making any computer program is not very easy but fixing bugs is hard too.

What are the types of bugs

There are two types of bugs, the first is internal bug, and the second is external access bug.

Internal Bug

This bug affects the users. Creates a problem in visiting the page. Such bugs are not harmful to the site but are harmful to the users, most such bugs are very easy to fix and in the same way, different types of internal Bugs can occur but this does not affect the site by any external program.

External access Bug

Such bugs are very harmful to the website. If such bugs are in a site, then the site can be hacked or the content of the site can be erased or the data from that site without the permission of the site administrator Can be stolen.

And as far as such bugs are concerned, that the content has been deleted, the database has been ruined, so it happens mostly with WordPress blog admins because often WordPress is attacked due to a bug and erases the whole database and content.

Although the hacker is not able to take the site under his control, but if the content is deleted, then there is a huge loss, all the hard work becomes useless, although the big sites handle themselves after any kind of attack but It is important for blogs that the blog admin keep taking regular backup of his blog so that he does not get lost his data in anything untoward.

What is DeBugging

When a computer has a bug, it is very important to fix it and the process of fixing the bug is called deBugging. If you are a WordPress user, then you will have the face option of deBugging in many plugins which use to fix the bug.

How to fix a bug in a computer program

By the way, you can not detect the bugs and deBugging of any website because it is a web application and regular work but users have no idea about that but yes if you are a WordPress user Or android user, you may get to see many times that a bug has been fixed in that program.

If you use the WordPress plugin, during the update, you can see update info information about what is new in this update, which bugs have been fixed, exactly the same happens in apps but it’s not necessarily that all apps Provide this information because some program developers do this and some not.

That is why you often get app updates, whether it is any app within a month you can get an update, but it is not necessary that due to bug fixes will be in every update rather there may be a new feature in that update.

mostly Bug needs to fix in applications or computer program that have been launch recently as they have a lot of Bug and sometimes become crash which can be fixed in multiple updates.

How the bug is fixed

Bug fixing of any computer program is very hard, so if you are the developer of an app, software, then surely you will have a complete idea about it because you have developed the program, then you will have a complete idea about it and you can fix its bugs. but if you want to fix the bugs of a computer program whose owner you are but you have not developed it, then fixing its bugs can be much more complicated.

Because programming completely codes and deBug those codes is a big task, let’s assume WordPress blog have to fix, yes, you may be an admin of WordPress blog, but there is no Bug in WordPress so that no one can hack your WordPress blog because WordPress developers are constantly working continuously and improving their platform..

Although there is no bug but still the WordPress team is always ready for higher security. Yes, but there are some flaws in WordPress which cause hacking but they are not bugs. Yes, but the WordPress user blog user can consider hardening the blog for the security of their blog.

What will happen if Bug is not deBug

Definitely, there is no problem as long as the hackers do not notice it, but yes if a hacker notices that bug then your program can be hacked, so if you have any computer program you should keep it bugless so that you never face any type of problem.

So this was some basic information of what is a bug in the computer. We hope that you did not face any problem in understanding the bug and if you liked the information, then share this information “What is a bug” with your computer lover friends as well.

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