What is Bookmark

You must have heard of bookmark in the world of the internet at some point that what is bookmark how to use, today we will give you all the information about the bookmark and where it is used and its use and this we Why is it important for everyone

Due to the presence of a bookmark, we are able to do some difficult tasks on our internet easily because nowadays technology has gone so far that we have difficulty in doing some tasks, bookmark has been made to make things easier to some extent.

What is the bookmark

Bookmark is a feature of browsers that helps us to save various types of links such as if we visit a webpage, we normally use and leave, but if we want to visit it again Maybe it can become a bit hard because we have to search that content again but its solution is a bookmark which is present in all browsers.

And when we are on a webpage, to bookmark that webpage, we get the option of bookmark in the Url bar, by clicking on that you can make it your bookmark, and that page can be accessed at any time in just a single click.

So you have got the information of bookmark what is bookmark and now let’s know how to bookmark the webpage

How to bookmark a webpage

To bookmark a web page, first, open your chrome, search for a website/page you want to bookmark, in the right side click on the star symbol and click on add bookmark.

Now you will get two BOX, name and folder, Enter name and select folder and save your bookmark, Now your bookmark has been saved. To see it, click on the new tab, and below the search URL bar, you will see the name of that bookmark.

Now after you close your chrome completely, whenever you need, open your chrome, you will find it by the same name on the bookmark bar, now whenever you ned visit that website, then you will click on that bookmark.

How to delete a bookmark from chrome

If you have created many bookmarks in chrome and you do not need them, you can also delete them. Let us tell you how to delete a bookmark, First of all, open chrome, and by right-clicking, click on delete, your bookmark will be deleted, ​Similarly, you can delete your other bookmarks.

How to arrange Multiple bookmarks in a file

If you want to bookmark many pages, the space in chrome is very small. If you bookmark too many pages, it may be difficult a bit due to the lack of space, but if you want you can arrange multiple bookmarks in a single file.

Open URLs that you want to arrange a file, and click on add “Bookmark all tabs” by clicking on tab bar, and after creating that file you can see that file in the bookmark bar, you can clicko on that file to open any page.

How to bookmark a page on a phone

Open the chrome of your phone and open the site normally. Any site or link you want to bookmark, click on the three dots on the right side and click on the star symbol that page will be bookmarked, to see your saved bookmarks, Click on three dots and click on the bookmark, all your bookmarks will appear, So i hope you liked the article what is bookmark.

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