What is blog/Blogging, should i start my own blog?

So that means you have also made the idea of online income, let’s have a good thing. I also help people online and earn money, also you can  earn. If anyone ever searches for ways of online income, he may find some other way of online income or not, but he gets to hear about the blog that you can earn money by starting a blog.

There are two main points associated with the blog, “blogging, blogger”. About which you will get complete information here and at the same time you will also know whether you should start your own blog or not. What are its advantages and disadvantages?

What are blog, blogging, and blogger, Should I start it or not?

If we talk about the online world, we get all the things on a website or blogs only. As far as the website is concerned, there is no need to tell you about it. Because I know that you will be well aware of the website, such as google, facebook, bing, ask, etc These are all websites.

Although the blog and website have similarities to a large extent, both are not the same (their programs “coding” make them different.)

Anyone who knows about the blog and website can very easily identify which is website and which is a blog. But people who are normal users of the internet, they refer to blogs as websites because they do not know much about it.

However, whether or not normal internet users know about blogs does not make much sense. But when it comes to online earning, it is very important for you to know about the blog.

Because the blog is one of the biggest sources of online earning. However, not everyone will like to work on the blog. Because not everyone can work on the blog because it is not very easy.

What is a blog?

What is blog blogging


A blog is an online service on which articles are written from all over the world. You can also consider a blog as an online book that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. You are reading this information on apsole.com and Apsole is also a blog.

The blog can be managed by any individual. Even most blogs are run by an individual. And there are many such blogs on which many people work.

The main objective of the blog is not to provide any dynamic service, but to provide unique articles. And then that article can be on any topic. There can be stories, jokes or any other topic of the world which you can think of.

It will happen to you many times that you have done some search on Google and the results have come.

When you search for anything in Google or any search engine. You get many results that are taken from different blogs and websites. Of which websites are few, most blogs only appear in search results.

When you click on any search result that appears. Google redirects you to the blog on which that content is written.

We can share our personal thoughts on the blog or share anything we want. You can also read this information i.e. What is blog with FirstguideWikipediaWpbeginner.

What are the similarities between blogs and websites?

One of the biggest things is that whether it is a blog or a website, no matter how big and no matter how small. There is only one main source to create both and that is server and computer programming.

Whether you create a blog or a website. But you have to buy a domain and hosting for your online property, which you can buy from any server. The prices of all servers are also different, there are many companies from which you can buy a domain and host for your blog/website at cheap prices.

And as far as computer programming is concerned. At this time there are many websites through which you can launch your website/blog and you will not need programming.

However, if you have knowledge of computer programming then you can create a dynamic website as you wish. And yes if you just want to create and run a blog, then you don’t need programming.

What are the differences between a blog and a website?

There are many differences between a blog and a website, but I have already told you that no ordinary user of the Internet knows about them.

You can visit any blog and read its articles, collect a lot of information from them, can also subscribe to their blog, share articles, etc. You will not be able to do much more than this because only articles are published on blogs.

It is not that I am talking about any one blog, rather you open any blog, you will only be able to read articles. Though the contents of blogs may be different, the design of blogs may be different but the basis of all blogs will be the same.

But in this case, the website is completely different from the blog. Programmers create and design websites according to their own and also provide different services in it. Open any website, you will see that most websites are different from each other. You can see and use their services.

For your information, I want to tell you that all of us who do any online work, do it on the website itself.  We buy domain and host for our blogs from the server. But as far as the website is concerned, almost all the big websites have their own servers.

If we want, we can make our own server, but it will be more expensive.

However, if you have knowledge about programming, you can also convert your blog into a website. Because the difference between blog and website is only because of their source code. And any blog/website admin can edit his source code whenever he wants and can create and include any service on the basis of his programming knowledge.

What is blogging?

As you know, a blog is an online property. And everyone can make their own blog, but making a blog is a different thing and working on a blog is different. When we write an article on a blog and publish it is called blogging. And the world’s top blogging platform is WordPress, even most of the world’s blogs run only on WordPress.

What is a blogger?

Blogger is called someones who does blogging. Like I blogging on apsole.com, that means I publish content so I am a blogger. If you want, you can earn name fame and money by becoming a blogger like me. If you start blogging then you will definitely be called Blogger.

What would be better for me “blog or website”?

Decide what is better for you. If you already have any business and you want to increase it, then definitely you should consider making a website and in such a situation your chances of increasing your business are increased.

But if you do not have any business and you are looking for ways to earn online, it will be appropriate for you to create a blog.

What is a blog post?

What is blog post

I hope that as mentioned above, you must have understood what is a blog and now let’s know what is a blog post and how to post it.

Blog posts are the property of blogs that bloggers write on their own blogs. As you are reading this article on apsole.com and this is my blog post. If you create your own blog or you have a blog, you can also publish articles on your blog, which is also called a blog post.

Blog posts are known by many names such as blog posts, content, article. By the way, posting content on the blog is very easy. But if you are a beginner blogger, you will also need a beginner’s guide to posting the blog, which is mentioned here.

How to publish a blog post on the blogger blog How to publish a blog post on the WordPress blog. When you post content on your blog, you can also earn by monetizing them.

Some popular blogs

Here is the list of some top blogs, if you want, you can check. Maybe this list will inspire you to start your own blog.

And yes all these blogs only work on technology topics. However, there are many other blogs that have got immense success. Although any blog which started getting per day 2000, 4000+ organic traffic is also called a successful blog. The blogs that I have mentioned here have got immense success in blogging.

These are very successful blogs which are just a dream for most people. Although it is not impossible to reach them, not everyone can reach them.

Should I start my own blog or not?

What do you and others think about starting a blog, I do not know, but I sometimes wonder why people do not make their own blog.

Perhaps the biggest reason for this could also be that most people are not aware of this or it may be that they find it very hard, let there be any reason. But my opinion about you is that you must make your own blog.

My opinion is that you start your blog right now, but before that, you decide whether you can work well on the blog or not. Because blogging is not as easy as it seems. But it is not so hard that you cannot do it.

Do not make the mistake of thinking of the blog as small, what is the power of the blog, you will only know when you create your blog and your blog will start getting traffic.
Or you can know and understand the power of blogs from the blogs, popularity, and income of others.

Starting a blog means that you are starting a big business, however now it depends on you whether you can grow it or not. Because everything depends on the content quantity and quality of the blog and the content of the blog depends on you.

So now you ask yourself can you write quality content for your blog. If we start a blog and work on it, the biggest benefit is that we keep learning something and teaching others every day and for this, we do not have to go anywhere, we can do all this while sitting at home.

Can I Make Money Through Blog?

Yes, if you have a blog and it is getting traffic, you can make money through your blog in many ways. Now how much you can earn from your blog depends on the traffic of your blog.
You can earn 10 $, 20 $, 50 $, 100 $, 200 $, 500 $ + a day from your blog, there is no limit on earning from the blog.

By the way, Blog is a great way of earning, anyone can earn money by starting their own blog, although most people like to work on Youtube better than blogs. And yes it is true that earning money from a blog is more difficult than earning money from Youtube, but you also try to understand how a blog is different and better than Youtube.

See the first thing is that you only have an account on YouTube and upload videos on it, and the rest of the control is in the hands of Youtube. And even though you become very famous on Youtube, but YouTube is much more limited than the blog.

Because you are the owner of the blog and you can do any work on your blog as you wish, you can also convert your blog into a company or a big website. Although this was my own opinion, It depends on you what work you would like to do.

I hope you have got all the information about the blog, but if you have any question in your mind, then you can ask in the comment without hesitation. If you want, you can also use the question-answer form.

You have got complete information about the blog and now let’s know in a few simple steps how to start your own blog and earn money from it.

How to start a blog?

WordPress is the most popular and best platform to create a blog. Although there are many blogging platforms available, everyone has the first choice. Even my first choice is WordPress.

So for you too, to think about another blogging platform is just wasting time.

  • First of all, you have to buy a domain and host for your blog and then install WordPress on it.
  • After installing WordPress on your host, your blog is almost ready to use. Just you have to do some initial settings of the blog.
  • Now it’s time to choose a better theme for your blog, for this you have two options. First is a free theme and the second paid.  By the way, if you can’t buy a paid theme right now, no problem. You can start your blog with free themes too.  You will get the best themes in free options too And later when you want you can buy a paid theme.
  • Install necessary plugins and complete their settings
  • Now if you want, add widgets to your blog or you can do it later also if you want. Widgets are very important for a blog so do not forget to add them.
  • Your blog has been created and you have also done the settings. Now you have to do the most important work. And that is to submit the blog to search engines because our blog gets most of the traffic through search engines only. First of all, submit your blog in top search engines. How to submit a blog to google, bin, ask search engines.
  • Your blog is fully ready for use, now is the time to post your first on your blog.
    Though it is easy to write an article, you should know the right way to write an article on the blog. Because you cannot get better results by writing normally articles on your blog. Before writing an article on the blog, you have to gather a lot of information like What is SEO, What is a white SEO hat and black SEO, What is a keyword, What is a backlink how to create quality backlinks, How to write SEO friendly articles, etc.

When will I start making money from my blog?

We cannot say anything when you will be able to start wishing money from your blog. Because it depends on you and your hard work.

If you work hard, I hope that it will take about 20 – 30 days for your earning to start. But if you do not work well, it may take more than 6 months to start earning.

You can use AdSense or any other advertising company to monetize your blog. Although most bloggers like AdSense because it is better than all other advertising companies, my favorite is AdSense too.
From here you can know what is Adsense, and how to earn money from ithow to get your AdSense account approved.

Once you get the approval of Adsense, you can insert its ads in your blog.
And then when Adsense ads will appear on your blog, according to the ad clicks, you will earn money, which AdSense will pay you in your bank account. But your earnings will be paid only when you earn 100 USD.

What do you think about this article

By the way, we sincerely hope that now you will not have any confusion about what is a blog, should you start your own blog or not, that is, all the questions related to the blog will have been solved.
But if you still have any questions related to this topic, definitely ask us in a comment. And yes, do not forget to share this helpful information with your friends.

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