What is App, App full form in English

The whole world is using smart phones today, although we are not saying that only android is being used, but different types of phones are being used which mostly include android and iOS (iphone), because These are the two operating systems in the mobile industry at this time, which are at the top and all have one thing in common which is App.

What is app

App’s full formĀ  is Application . App means to make a request, or to apply for any process like we generally use Applications in banks, schools etc. which is in writing.

In the same way, App is also an application, while many people are confused that App is a full word but it is not so, whatever phone you use, the first thing for it is operating system, and all operating systems. For that you have to make a separate app.

Because all operating systems are different, they work in different ways, and apps are made on the method of their working, the function of the app is to launch a particular program in the device, like suppose you buy a new phone. If you do, you will get many apps already installed in it, but if you want to use any other program besides them, you have to install the app of that program, and that app will provide you additional features.

who makes the app

There is no copyright of anyone on developing an app, any person can develop an app, because the meaning of the app is that you enter the application for the task you want to do in your device, and your device will do that task, however. Anyone can make an app, but not every user can create an app for himself, because developing an app requires additional information.

So in such a situation, apps are developed by some special companies such as facebook, twitter, etc., even companies doing low level business develop apps for their services and their apps are developed by different types of government departments, So that their work becomes much easier.

By the way, it has become a matter of those apps which belong to their services of a company, but there are many companies which do the business of developing only apps, and it can be small or large scale also. .

As you can see on playstore you will find many types of apps like photo editors, different types of browsers, clocks music players etc., as if you search on google playstore that music player then you will get different types of music player apps. Will go, there is probably no topic about which app is not available on playstore, and all those apps are not made by just one person, but by many different app developer team.

As you can take any game like pubg, the idea to develop pubg was from “Brendan Greene”, and today tencent which is a very big App (game) developer company handles pubg.

And it is not that by developing an app only once, it does not have to be reworked, but the app developer has to constantly improve his app, add new features, because in the intial stage there are many apps in the app. There are bugs which need to be fixed.

You can guess for yourself that when you install an app on your phone, its update comes in some time, so have you even thought that why the app update comes, and updating the app Why is it necessary?

what is app update

Whenever the update of any app comes, it means that some changes/improvements have been made in that app by the app developer, and if you update your app then that app will run with that new setting/features, Which will be provided in that app.

However, it is not necessary that if an app is updated, some new feature may come in it, but it may also happen that a bug has been fixed in it, due to which there was a problem in that app.

And whenever the update of any app comes, be sure to update your app, because this will not change the current of your app, there will be no difference in any of your settings, just your app will be updated to the new version.

And the advantage of updating the app is that you will get a better experience of that app, because with all the updates the company keeps improving its app and keeps fixing the bugs.

how to make app

Developing an app can be easy for a person who has done software engineering, but they may also have to face some problem, because developing any app is not very easy.

And if you have not done software engineering but want to develop apps, you should have knowledge of coding i.e. computer programming language, whether you have learned computer programming online or through coaching or any college, it does not matter.

It just matters how good programming knowledge you have, and for this task it is necessary that you have a team to develop that app, because it can be difficult to develop and manage a better app individually. However, starting can be done individually and can form a team if there is some improvement.

And by developing the app, the files of that app are collected with an .apk extension, and although this means that the .apk is only and only the extension of the android app, although you may have never tried any android You have not seen the apk extension with the app, because when the app is downloaded from the playstore, it is installed directly, and the application package is not available, but if you download an app from an external website, you will get the package of that app. Which you will have to install manually in your phone.

Caution in installing the app

The more useful the app is, the more it can prove to be harmful, whenever you install an app in your phone, it asks for additional permission to start, such as media access, camera access, contact access etc., so You should use any app only when you are sure that you will not face any problem by giving permission to that app.

Although most apps do not misuse any user’s data even after getting permission, but on the same basis there are also hacking / malware apps which can easily hack you.

As an example of App permission camera

Suppose you have installed an app, and that app asks you for additional permissions as well as permission for camera and mic, the owner of that app can very easily see through your camera what you are doing, you Where are you, the way there is a video call, in the same way, he can watch you as long as he wants, wherever you are in any situation.

Can listen to your conversation and that too without your knowledge, although big apps do not do such actions but it is difficult to say whether small apps do this or not, so before installing any app, think about it and install the same app. Do it.

Google Apps

To run any device, it has an operating system, and no such operating system can grow very much, which has limited features, which should be provided only by the company, but the operating system of the smartphone is not like this, but These are such operating systems which did not have features in the beginning, due to which it was prepared in such a way that any person could make programs for this operating system.

And android is the most popular operating system of mobile, and android is the operating system of google, since android is a product of google, due to which some apps of google are already installed in all android phones, regardless of which company they are. phone and those are also permanently installed which cannot be uninstalled.

how to earn money by making app

If you can make an Android application, you can make a lot of income by placing advertisements on your Android application.

In this article you have learned what is App and App full form in English We hope that this information will prove to be useful for you.

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