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Whatsapp is a messaging app that has no need to explain because there is hardly anyone who doesn’t use Whatsapp, but WhatsApp is specially designed for mobile, Web.whatsapp.com WhatsApp web.

If you want to use WhatsApp on your mobile, you can use it on every os. because Whatsapp is available on almost all operating systems but if you want to use WhatsApp on the computer, you will get a quite bad experience, How to use WhatsApp on laptop without phone, Web.whatsapp.com

There are two ways to use WhatsApp on the computer but there is not much difference between them both are almost same. One way is through a browser, yes browser like chrome, firefox, etc. You can use WhatsApp on your computer through any browser.

And another way is to install WhatsApp software on your computer, yes you can install WhatsApp in computer but I will not recommend it.

Yes, if you want to use WhatsApp on your laptop, then use it through the browser because it is easier.

But to use WhatsApp in a laptop, you must also have an active WhatsApp account in mobile, yes I have already told you that WhatsApp has been developed especially for mobile, so if you have an active WhatsApp account in mobile, only You will be able to use WhatsApp in your computer.

use WhatsApp on laptop Using WhatsApp web, Web.whatsapp.com

First open a browser in your computer that you use, such as chrome, firefox, etc.
Now open the web.whatsapp.com in your browser and you will get a QR code that you need to scan with active WhatsApp in your phone then after that your WhatsApp will be accessible on your laptop

After opening web.whatsapp.com in laptop, open whatsapp in your phone

Open web whatsapp

Click on WhatsApp Web by clicking on Three Dots

Open your whatsapp and click on whatsapp web

The QR code scanner will open, scan the QR code of the web.whatsapp.com in your laptop

WhatsApp web

Now your laptop will have all the data of your WhatsApp, just as you use WhatsApp on your phone.

So this was the first way you can use WhatsApp on your laptop is quite easy. And the biggest thing is that there is no need to download any extra software, only through your chrome you can use WhatsApp in your laptop.

And now let’s go about the other way how to use WhatsApp on a laptop, although we will use WhatsApp software in this way, this process is also almost like the above process.

Using WhatsApp on laptop

Go to whatsapp.com
Click on Download

Scroll the page and click on the download option according to your laptop os in the right sidebar,

Download whatsapp on your computer

Whatsapp download will start on your laptop. In just a few seconds or minutes, whatsapp will be downloaded to your computer.

After downloading click on the Run

Click on set up of WhatsApp

use Whatsapp on computer without any app

In just a few seconds your WhatsApp will be ready to use.
It also has the same process as the browser process. Your laptop WhatsApp will generate a QR code, it has to be scanned with WhatsApp of your phone.

Open WhatsApp in your phone and click on WhatsApp web by clicking on three dots and scan the QR code of your laptop’s WhatsApp.

Now WhatsApp will start running on your laptop, you can see that all your contacts have come in it.

Although I have mentioned two ways to use WhatsApp in a laptop, both methods are the same, even I would say that the browser option is the best. Because you can see that both ways are doing the same thing, whether you are using your laptop browser or installing Whatsapp on your laptop.

So in this condition, I would say that you should not install Whatsapp on your computer, rather use WhatsApp in chrome.

Although you can use WhatsApp in your computer using these processes, you have to keep your phone’s data on it, i.e., If your phone’s WhatsApp will be connected to your laptop’s WhatsApp then you can use WhatsApp in laptop.

If you are using WhatsApp in your laptop through your phone, then you will be able to use it only for as long as WhatsApp will be active on your phone. If you delete WhatsApp from your phone, then Whatsapp will not run on your computer as well.

I am sure you have removed the idea to use WhatsApp on the computer after this information. Because on the laptop you will be able to use WhatsApp only when whatsapp will be active in your phone too.

Whatsapp will always be available for computers in the same way, yes, never expect such an update that you will be able to use WhatsApp in a laptop without mobile. Because for the WhatsApp company, doing this is not a big task.

But they will not do this because WhatsApp is specially designed for the phone, so if you want to use WhatsApp in the laptop, then you can use it according to the method mentioned above, there is no permanent method of using WhatsApp in the laptop, so you Must use only the temporary method.

However, there is another method by which you will be able to use whatsapp on your computer without a phone and without scanning any code.

But for that, you will have to install software of almost 400 – 500 MB size on your computer. Yes, it is true that you cannot use WhatsApp on a laptop but if you want, you can also change your computer into an android phone, after which you will be able to use WhatsApp on your computer.

First of all, you have to install one android emulator in your computer, yes android emulator, this is a software that we can also call an android phone.

Installing an Android emulator into a computer has many advantages. Because it can install not only WhatsApp but also you can install any android app in your computer. That means our computer will also work as a computer as well as mobile.

use Whatsapp on computer without web.whatsapp.com

By the way, you will find a lot of android emulators but let’s know about the most famous emulator which is bluestacks.

First, go to bluestacks.com and click on download bluestacks

Install Bluestacks on your computer

The bluestacks installer will be downloaded to your computer with a size of less than 1 MB. After downloading the installer, open it, and install the bluestacks by permitting it.

Bluestacks may take some time to download, it depends on your internet speed. Its downloading size is 400 – 500 MB. Open the bluestacks after fully installing.

In this, you will find Google playstore installed, open it, and log in by entering your email id.

How to use whatsapp on laptop without mobile

Playstore will be open, now you can normally search and install apps as you do on your android phone.

After login to the play store in Bluestacks, search for WhatsApp and click on the install button, WhatsApp will be installed in your bluestacks in just a few seconds.

Open Whatsapp and continue by entering your mobile number

Now WhatsApp will send the verification code to your mobile number, verify by entering that code, enter your name, and set profile picture your whatsapp is ready to use.

Now you can use WhatsApp in your computer in exactly the same way as you use in your phone, all the features will work well.

But now there is a problem and that is how you will add mobile numbers to it. Normally just like you add numbers to your phone, you can also add to this chatting but when you want to add all your numbers to your computer’s WhatsApp, how will you do that.

So a simple way of this is that if you have saved your contact numbers on your Gmail, log in to the playstore in bluestacks from the same Gmail account so that all your numbers will be fetched.

But if you have saved the numbers in the sim card, then you can use an android phone and upload all those numbers to the Gmail you are using in bluestacks.

And if you don’t want to do anything like that, save the numbers in your computer’s WhatsApp one by one. The whole process will be the same as on the phone.

So I’ve mentioned three ways to use WhatsApp on a laptop that you like you can use, but I’m sure you’ll use the third way.

Definitely, you can install bluestacks in your laptop but if your laptop has less than 4 GB of RAM, perhaps the bluestacks can work a bit slower, yes if you want to use Whatsapp in your computer using bluestacks, not just WhatsApp, you can use whatever android app you want to use.

But for best performance, at least 4 GB of RAM is required, although even if your computer has 2 GB of RAM you can use, I have used myself on 2GB RAM but the performance will be slightly weak.

How to use WhatsApp web

How to disconnect whatsapp web

How to use WhatsApp web without phone

WhatsApp web, Web.whatsapp.com, I hope this information will be useful for you.

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