How to Turn off Facebook Notification

Facebook’s features are much more user friendly Facebook has added almost every necessary feature so that Facebook has become very famous and useable.

If you are also a Facebook user, you will be aware of it, but there is a problem for some users.

One of them is notification, Facebook gives a notice of important activity of your account in the notification that you get in your Facebook account. However, if you use Facebook in a browser, there is no problem with it.

Because it will show you the notification only when you open Facebook and it will not cause any problem to you, but if you use the Facebook app, surely you will get upset due to Facebook notification.

So if you are upset with Facebook notifications, you have many ways to turn it off, one is to turn off the notification from the Facebook setting, and second if you use Facebook app then turn off the notification from Facebook app.

How to turn off Facebook notification

First, we’ll learn how to turn off notification from Facebook setting, if you turn off your Facebook notification with this process, no matter which device you log in you won’t get notifications, whether you log in into a browser or in the app.

First go to your Facebook account and click setting & security by clicking on the drop-down menu and then click setting.

Click on the setting and privacy by clicking on the dropdown menu

Now click on notifications in the left sidebar

After clicking on the notifications, you will get many options to enable/disable the notification.

That is all the options of every feature such as comments, tags, friends request, group notification, etc.

How to turn of facebook notification

Click on any notification you want to turn off and disable the enabled button.

Disable the enabled button

If you want to disable the notification of all content, click on all one by one and disable the buttons.

All notifications of your Facebook account will be turned off, now you won’t get any notification. This is an all-rounder setting of Facebook notifications. But if you use the Facebook app and you get a lot of notifications and want to turn it off, you can turn off notifications of your Facebook app.

Turining of Facebook Notification

To turn off Facebook app notification, go to your phone setting and go to app manager/app setting

Go to setting of your phone

All your apps will be visible from where you can manage your apps and you have to stop notification of your Facebook app, so click on Facebook app in it

Click on the facebook app

And then click on the notification, disable the allowed notification button, notifications of your Facebook app will be disabled.

How to turn off facebook notification

How to stop facebook notification

But this process will only turn off notifications on this app, and if you use Facebook on another phone, you’ll continue to receive notifications from Facebook.

If you wish, you can disable Facebook notification in that device from the same process, but if you want to turn off Facebook notifications at all places, then you should follow the first process because from that process is a one-time setup, The notifications of your Facebook account will be completely closed, Turn of Facebook Notification.

That is, on all the devices you are using Facebook and you will not get any notification, I hope that the notification of your Facebook account has been closed, but if you have any error in turning off the notification of your Facebook account/app. Can discuss in a comment.

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