How to Stop Facebook Friend Request

Facebook is a top social media site and you’ll almost find accounts of all your friends and relatives, and you can send friend requests to those you want to make your friend on Facebook.

And any other Facebook user can send you friend request although you can also turn it off, it’s setting is public by default so that anyone can send you a friend request.

Whether you know them or not, but there is nothing to worry about because you can stop it after which you will not get friend requests.

Even if you get a friend request, not too much, well it depends on your setting. That is, if you want to avoid unwanted friend requests, you need to turn off the friend request setting.

How to stop Facebook friend requests

First, go to your Facebook account and click on the setting by clicking on the dropdown menu Go to setting

Click on “edit” in the “Who can send you friend request?” by clicking on the privacy.

How to stop unwanted facebook friend requests

Click on Friends of Friends by clicking on Everyone

Click on friends of friends

Now you’ll get friend request only to people who are friends of your friends
This setting can prevent your Facebook friend requests up to 80 – 90%.

Although the friend request in your Facebook account has been turned off if you are a mobile user, the process may be slightly different for you, the mobile user follow this process.

Stop mobile Facebook friend request

Open Facebook and scroll to the page by clicking on three lines here and click on setting
Scroll this page a little bit and click on privacy
Click on friends of friends by clicking on “Who can send you friend requests?”.

The setting of friend requests for your Facebook account has been friends of friends, now the number of friend requests will reduce. And if you do not want anyone to see your friend list, then it is almost the same process for which you can read this article.

If you’re a Facebook user, you should also care about other security, the privacy of your account, such as two-step verification, profile locking, etc.

How to turn off Facebook friend request spam

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