How to download photo from Google

This question often comes in the mind of people, if you are an android phone or computer user, in this world of internet, almost everything is found on Google, which you can easily use through your phone or computer, if you If you are a blogger, you use good photos to attract people to your website, or if you are a student, then you use photos related to your studies, and photos are used for many other things.

To download photos from Google, you must have a browser through which you can use Google, like if you use chrome browser or any other browser, then you have to open your browser and you have to search for your browser. You have to click on the box, and search by writing the name of whose photo you want to download, as if we have to download the photo of primitive man from Google, then we will search by writing primitive photo in Google’s search box, then a new page will be created. Search will come, in which you will get the link of many websites in it, by clicking on the link you can download the photo from that website.

how to download photos from google

But you do not have to go to any website to download the photo, you will be able to download the photo only from Google, when you search by typing the name of the photo, then the new page that comes after searching, you have to see many options above. You will get all, videos, image, news, map, more etc. So you have to click on Image option, on which you will get to see many photos as soon as you click, you can understand by looking at the photo below, that photo from Google Which option do you have to click on to download?

google se photo kaise download kare

When you click on Image Option, you can see many images of it, then click on the photo you want to download, if you are downloading the photo from Google in the computer, then for that you can click the mouse on the photo. If you click on the right button, then the option of download or save photo will come, from where you can download it.

If you are using a mobile phone to download photos from Google, then it would also have the same way of searching, but there is a different way of downloading, in this, when you open the photo, then you will have no way to download the photo. The special option will not appear, to download the photo, you have to touch the photo in your phone for a while, then in that you will see Preview Image, Copy Image, Download Image and many more options, but you have to click on Download Image to download the photo. Click, and then the photo will start downloading from Google and will be saved in your phone memory.

google se photo kaise download kare

By the way, almost the photo is downloaded, but sometimes it happens that there is no option to download the photo from Google in this way, so what will you do on this condition, I have also done a jugaad search. If you have taken it, then you can use mozilla firefox browser to download it, from there you will get the option to download the photo or you can take a screenshot of that photo, and use it for your work.

download photo access

When we download a photo from Google, we download it for some purpose, and we also need to know that where we can use the downloaded photo from Google, it depends on you where you can download the photo. If you want to use, you can put it on your website, or you can put it in any type of profile and you can also use it in the projector.

But we cannot use some of the photos downloaded from Google on our website or other earning platform, because that photo is a copy right, we can use it with the permission of the owner of this photo or website, if Its owner, you can use it on your earning website or elsewhere, for this you will not get a copy right claim, although Google does not prevent us from downloading any type of photo nor in using it, but if it If the photo is Copy Right, then Google can send you a notice or to tell that it is a copy right photo.

how to download photos from android app

Friends, have you ever felt that it is difficult to download photos from Google, for this there should be some other way that you can easily download all the photos from Google without using the browser, which we want to download, for this There is a way which is very simple from which you can download the photo immediately, for this you will need an app which you can download from play store, the name of that app is Image Downloader when you download this app to your If you open it in the phone, then the option of search will come in it, in which you have to search by typing the name of the photo you want and the photo will come, and by clicking on the photo you have to download it from Download Option, by using this app you can do any other thing. You can download any type of photo.


By the way, there are countless benefits of downloading photos from Google, from here we can download all types of photos, we cannot get every photo without using Google, so we download photos using Google, we In whichever area we want, we can use it, as if we want, by downloading the photo related to studies from Google, we can understand it better, or we can explain the map or design photo downloaded from Google to someone. We can make personal use of these photos like setting wallpaper or we can use it as a photo in any type of our profile, or we can put status on the phone and use it in other places.

What are the disadvantages of downloading photos from Google

If you are also thinking that downloading photos from Google can cause harm, then let me tell you that nothing happens as you are thinking, although there is no special harm in downloading photos from Google, You can download the photo you want without thinking anything, but on some condition, you can be harmed by using this photo, so you should know about where the damage can be done by using the photo downloaded by Google. .

If you use that photo on any of your earning platform like website or any other online platform, then that photo is CopyRight, then you do not have to use that photo, you are using it by removing CopyRight claim with the permission of the owner of that photo. , otherwise Google may send you a notice on behalf of its owner, there is no harm other than to remove the photo


When you download any photo from Google, Image may be subject to CopyRight, you must have seen many times which is written below the photo, this is a warning given by Google that the photo you are downloading should be Copy Right. If you can, then keeping this warning in mind, you have to use the photo downloaded by Google, otherwise you may get Copy Right claim.

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