How to Remove Someone From WhatsApp Group

The group is a very good feature of WhatsApp, through this we can connect with multiple people at once, can chat with them, you can notify multiple peoples at once with the WhatsApp group.

But sometimes we include people in our WhatsApp group who behave indecently, posts inappropriate content to harass people.

If you’ve also added someone to your group whose you don’t like at all or is behaving inappropriately in the group, you can remove them from your WhatsApp group.

But to remove someone from a WhatsApp group, it is necessary that you be an admin of that WhatsApp group because any importat decision of the group can be taken only by the admin.

But even if you are not the admin of that WhatsApp group, there is nothing to worry about, you can ask the group admin to remove them, and if you want, you can add yourself as an administrator by asking the group admin, but someone will add you as a group admin into their WhatsApp group only if they trusts you.

But if you are not an admin of the WhatsApp group and even the group admin is not removing that person, the best option is to leave the group because improper contents are being posted in that group and you do not have control over it, it would be appropriate to leave the group.

Remember, you can remove anyone from the group only if you are the admin of that group.

How to Remove Someone From WhatsApp Group

Open WhatsApp and go to your group from which you want to remove a member, click on the header section or click on group info by clicking on three dots.

Click on header section of your WhatsApp group

Scroll this page a bit, a list of all your group members will appear, click on a member that you want to remove.

Remove Someone From WhatsApp Group

Click on “Remove their name”

Remove Someone From WhatsApp Group

Click “Ok” to confirm, that person will be removed from your WhatsApp group.

Click on ok to remove them from your group

If you are not a group admin, you will also find the WhatsApp number of the group admin in the same list, you can message to admin to remove that person.

But in both cases, if you don’t succeed and want to leave that group yourself, get information from here, how to leave a WhatsApp group.

I hope you have removed the group members from your WhatsApp group easily, if you have any questions related to WhatsApp ask us in comment and do not forget to share this article with friends.

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