what is adsense

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Andy asked 2 months ago

what is adsense

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Pankaj Kumar Staff answered 2 months ago

Adsense is a dvertising company/website. Anyone can signup here and start making money but for this you will need blog or youtube channel so that you can show adsense ads on your blog / youtube channel .

1. Make blog or youtube channel and post quality content, increase traffic .
2. Apply for adsense approval, and wait until approved.
3. After approved your adsense account you can put adsense ads on your blog/youtube channel and now if someone click on your adsense ads you will earn money .
And adsense will pay you money, some or lot. it’s depends on you and on your work.As much traffic you can drive on your blog / youtube channel as much you can make money from adsense .

It’s depends on two cases Clicks and impressions .
Obviously if you drive max traffic you can get lot of clicks.
But note don’t try to do fake clicks, this is harmful for adsense account because by fake process, your adsense account will be suspend .

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