How to login on Pinter, Pinterest login

How to login on Pinterest

Pinterest also comes in the list of some top sites, although you might not know about Pinterest because not everyone uses it like Facebook, twitter but still Pinterest is a top site, mainly Pinterest is a image sharing social media site.

If you are a common user of the internet, I will not recommend it highly, but if you have a blog or any other business or you are interested in photography, I will recommend it to you highly because it can drive you more traffic.

How to create a Pinterest account

First go to Pinterest and click on sign up login

Now you have multiple options to create a account on Pinterest, such as email – if you have a email account, you can create a Pinterest account from your email account, or you can create your Pinterest through Google if you want.

And you have the last option Facebook to create a account on Pinterest, but let’s first create our Pinterest account through a email account.

Enter your email account
Enter a strong password for your Pinterest account in the next box
and enter your age in the next box
And then click on the Continue button login

Pinterest will pick your name from your email, but if you want, you can change your name by clicking on the pen icon near your name, click on the pen icon to change the name, and then click submit by entering your name.
Click on next button. login

Now pick your language and country and click on the Next button login

Select your gender and click on the Next button login

Now select minimum 5 topics based on your interest and finally click on button Done login

Your Pinterest account has been created but right now you have to build your board so you can pin. But before that, let’s set up our Pinterest account.

Set profile picture

Go to your Pinterest account and click on the setting by clicking on the drop-down menu

Now click on change in the photo, click on the select photo and select an image from your computer which you want to set as profile picture in your Pinterest account.

How to change profile picture of Pinterest accountClick on the choose photo

Click on Done, that image will be set in the profile picture of your Pinterest account.

But by adding profile picture your Pinterest profile is not complete yet you have to make many more changes in your Pinterest account.

First set a better username in your Pinterest account


Go to Pinterest and go to your account and click on the dropdown menu near your profile picture, click on the setting, and scroll the page.

Put a better username for your Pinterest account in the Username box and click on the “Done” button above.



Just below username, you’ll find the option of about your profile in which you can enter a description for your Pinterest account, after putting the description click on the save button above, your Pinterest account description will be added

The basic settings of your Pinterest account have been done, but if you have a blog website and you want to add your domain name to your Pinterest account, then you have to claim your blog in Pinterest and then verify your blog in Pinterest.

Now it is the turn to create a board in your Pinterest account so that you can pin Pinterest images, pins on your board and if you have a blog/website, you can share your post images on it.

Create a Pinterest board

Go to Pinterest and click on + icon and click on “+ Create a pin”.


Now from here, you can make a pin but you don’t have a board right now and you have to make your board so click on select and click on “Create board” login

Now put a name for your board and click on the create button, your board will be ready. login

If you visit a blog/website and you like an image in it, which you want to share on your Pinterest board but there is no option of sharing then what will you do?

For this, you can use Pinterest extension in browser so that you can share any image displayed in your web browser very easily on your Pinterest account.

Your Pinterest account is completely ready now you can share images on your Pinterest account and if you’re a blogger, don’t forget to claim your blog on Pinterest.

Yes, you can claim your blog to Pinterest and verify your blog so that your blog will be linked to your Pinterest account.

I hope you did not face any problem in creating your Pinterest account because the complete information about creating a Pinterest account is described here step by step but still if you have encountered any problem in creating your Pinterest account you can ask us in the comment.

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