What is PRP

PRP is a treatment that is used directly to solve a problem, PRP is mostly used for hairs, are you also thinking of PRP treatment if yes, you need to know that what is PRP and what is the full form of PRP. PRP is a treatment in which there is no problem of any … Read more

What is Ebook

You must have read a lot of books but have you ever read Ebook, yes Ebook is also a book which provides us the facility to read content and Ebook has many advantages, yes but there are some disadvantages as well, so no matter, whatever it is, you will get complete information in this article. … Read more

What is Cash on delivery

When we buy a product from any online eCommerce company, you often get to see COD on certain products, then it is very important for you to know what is COD, what is the full form of COD because when you know about COD Only then you will be able to take the right decision … Read more

What is chef

There are many such people where we get to hear the word Chef, even on TV, even on mobile, then after all, who is a Chef, what is the task of a Chef, you will get all the information in this article and if you are planning to be a chef you can become but … Read more

What is bye

Bye is a commonly spoken word, today, Bye word is heard everywhere, wherever you are, direct, indirect, online, offline, everywhere Bye word is used and even though in the beginning people The person does not have any specific information about the bye word, but with the regular use of that word, people begin to understand … Read more

What is CFL

CFL used to be a trending thing earlier which was much preferred over normal bulb as CFL saves electricity and is also much cooler than normal bulb and light are much better, But from time to time, new products keep coming in and replacing the old products with the same CFL that has been done … Read more

What is CEO

There are many companies, organizations in the world, which have different posts and perform those functions under the post and one of them is the CEO, the CEO may be new to you but the most important position is and No company gives this position directly to any person, rather the process of selection of … Read more

What is CCTV

Everyone must have almost heard about CCTV because CCTV is used not only in cities but also in rural areas, CCTV used for security + safety purposes, almost all types of shops and banks have CCTV cameras. There are even many people who use CCTV at home as well. And 90% people have absolutely no … Read more