How to see My facebook post, My

Show my facebook post, Facebook is a most popular social media everyone uses it but a lot of people face a lot of problems using Facebook, showy Facebook post,

By the way, only beginners have a problem, everyone else almost use Facebook well. However, you’ll find the answer of all questions related to facebook on the Apsole because we’ve already published a lot of articles related to Facebook that will teach you how to manage Facebook.

But many people are not able to see the posts of their post, if you are not able to see your Facebook posts, there is nothing to worry about, you can see your post in just one click.

And you can see all your Facebook posts, not just a single post, and can reshare them, change their privacy, even delete your Facebook posts etc.

How to see My facebook post

First, open Facebook, then whether you use on computer, use in app, use in phone browser does not matter.

After opening Facebook, you will see your Facebook profile picture, click on it.

If you’ve opened Facebook in Computer, click on your profile picture that is appearing in the header section with your name.

How can i see my Facebook posts

And if you’ve opened Facebook in mobile, you’ll just see your profile picture, click on it, or you can click on your name by clicking on three lines, you’ll reach your Facebook timeline.

How can i see my Facebook posts

After reaching on your timeline scroll to page all your posts will appear whatever you’ve shared on your Facebook timeline.

Along with your posts, your friends’ posts can also be because your friends may have tagged you, shared on your timeline.

So if your friends have tagged you a lot, then you may have problems accessing your posts because you may have to scroll the page a lot.

If you want to see all your photos simultaneously and do not want to scroll the page too much, then click on “Photos” after reaching your Facebook timeline.

By clicking on photos, you can see all your Facebook post photos very easily.

If your friends haven’t tagged you too much, normally you can scroll your Facebook timeline and see your posts, but if you’ve been tagged too much, it may be a problem for you, so if you want, you can also turn off tagging.

How to see my first Facebook post

How to see my old Facebook posts

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