How to create LinkedIn account sign up

create LinkedIn account sign up, Linkedin is also famous in some of the top sites in the world, to a large extent people use LinkedIn, LinkedIn is also a social media site, you can also connect with people by creating your own account, although LinkedIn is not as famous such as the other social media Facebook, Twitter, Still, LinkedIn is quite a top site, create LinkedIn account sign up.

If you are a common user of the internet, you create an account on it or not, it’s not necessary, but if you are a businessman, student, or have an online business, then you should consider creating your LinkedIn account.

Because LinkedIn is a social media less and it’s a job, business, booster more. If you have a business then you can post a job. And if you are looking for a job, then you probably have chances of getting a job through LinkedIn.

How to create LinkedIn account, sign up

If you want to create a LinkedIn account, you must have an email id although you can also create your LinkedIn account from your mobile number, and if you want to create your LinkedIn account from email and you don’t have an email id, you can create your email account from here.

How to create a Linkedin account

If you have a LinkedIn account, you can go to your account by clicking sign in, but you don’t have a LinkedIn account and you want to create your LinkedIn account, click join now

How to create linkdin account

Now here enter your email id (if you have) and enter a strong password for your LinkedIn account in the next box and click on agree & join.

Enter your email and password for linkedin account

Enter your first and last name and click on continue

Enter you first and last name

Now solve google recaptcha will open for security reasons, solve it
Now enter your location, enter the first few words of your location LinkedIn will show you the names of the locations, select your location

Enter your location

Enter your job title and enter the company name (If you are a student you can proceed by clicking on I’m a student if you want)

Enter the job title

Now you’ll need to verify your email id for which LinkedIn will send OTP to your email account enter that verification code here, or you can also verify your account by clicking on the link in the email Agree & confirm your Email.

Verify your email accountEnter the linkedin otp

Now LinkedIn will ask you “are you looking for a new job?” if you want, click on yes or skip by clicking on not now.

Are you looking for job

LinkedIn will now ask you to upload your email account so that LinkedIn will connect your email contacts to you who are on LinkedIn.
Upload if you want but you can also skip if you want

Upload contacts or skip

After that, LinkedIn will show you some LinkedIn users. You can connect to whichever one you want to connect, or you can skip if you want.

Connect peoples to your linkedin or dkip

Now it’s time to set the profile picture in the LinkedIn account, upload an image from your computer by clicking on the camera icon and edit, you’ll find many tools for editing, edit the picture for your profile as you wish.

After editing the image click on “save photo”, the profile picture will be set in your LinkedIn account.

How to set profile picture in linkedin accountHow to set profile picture in linkedin account

Get the LinkedIn option will come, if you want, select your country and click on the text me the link by entering the mobile number, it will also add the mobile number to your LinkedIn account, and LinkedIn will send a link to your mobile number that will give an option to download the LinkedIn app.

Mobile number

Well, even without a message you can install the LinkedIn app into your phone just go to the play store and install the app by searching LinkedIn.

If you don’t want to enter your mobile number, click skip
You’ll get the option to follow some people and companies, minimum 5 people you have to follow (optional), follow people, you can finish even without following, But LinkedIn recommends following at least 5 people/companies.

Follow peoples and companies an click on the Finish

Then click on the finish button

Your LinkedIn account is completely ready and all the settings are done.

In fact, the process of creating a LinkedIn account is too long, but there is nothing to worry about.

Although we’ve told you about creating a LinkedIn account from an email account, you can use your mobile number to create your account if you want.

Although some time ago, there was only an option to create a LinkedIn account from mobile number and email account, but now LinkedIn has added a signup option from Facebook you can also create your LinkedIn account from your Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account and want to create it.

Posting on LinkedIn

Just as you post to other social media sites, you can also post on LinkedIn
Go to and click on start a post

How to post on linkedin

Now first set post visibility, who can see your posts, it’s default setting is Anyone (public).

To change the privacy of the post, click on “Anyone” and select the visibility you want to share your posts with, if you want your post to be public then you don’t need to make any changes in it. Your default setting is public.

Write whatever you want to write here and together you can also add #tag, whichever hashtag you want to add, write the word by writing # hashtag will be added, you can also add images and videos as well.

How to post on linkedin

To publish post, click on “Post”, your post is published, if you want you can go to your wall and check, How to create LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn is a very good website on this you can not only post but you can also chat with your LinkedIn connections, Your LinkedIn account is fully ready and you have also learned to post on LinkedIn I hope this guide will prove helpful to you.

How to create LinkedIn account for jobs

How to create LinkedIn account for business

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