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Perhaps you must have heard about the IT industry. Because this is a very fast growing industry. Because everyone wants to use technology. Wants to make its tasks easy, and IT industry has a huge contribution in this. What is IT?

Many people are interested in working in the IT industry. If your interest is in computer, then definitely you will also like to work in IT industry. And IT industry is not called just any one task or company. Rather IT industry is a complete system.

what is IT

The full form of IT is  Information Technology , companies based on computer systems are included in the IT industry. Such as software development, server management, cyber security database management etc.

And if it is said in a way, companies like google, facebook etc also come under IT industry. Because the work that IT companies do for their customers. These internet companies do that work on a large scale for their websites and other services.

Because there are many IT companies that work only on a specific task. For example, suppose there is a company. And design their websites on the orders of customers. Let’s develop some other program for them.

Or suppose there is a server company, in the same way there are different types of IT companies. But all this is included in internet companies. Because they themselves have to manage everything. And there are different teams for all the different tasks.

The main navigation of the IT industry is done with such information, which is programming based. Because all the above mentioned tasks are done through programming only. And by programming any kind of information can be stored, retrieved, transmitted or manipulated in any way.

Even if that company does not do computer based tasks, but if it mainly does hardware based work. So it will not be included in the IT industry. But even if the work is done on a small scale. But it is programming based, so it will be included in the IT industry.

The IT industry is continuously developing very fast as the number of users of IT services is increasing day by day. Which proves helpful to people in different ways. Then whether it is doing any online work or online chatting etc., all the facilities are handled by IT companies only.

Information Technology is not a course, rather Information Technology is a field, or an industry in which different types of products are developed. And I have produced the services which are provided directly and indirectly to the users. Mobile computers, internet, etc. are great examples of information technology. Artificial intelligence also works on the basis of information technology.

Information technology is not only computer and mobile technology. In fact, devices like radios are also a typical example of information technology.

what happens in IT

Under IT, works based on computer technology are done. Such as programming, program development, database management, telecommunication etc. For example, Google, which mainly works on information technology. As well as other websites, such as Facebook Twitter or Ho etc. are involved in the IT industry itself.

Because these are all sources that are developing information technology.

How many years is the IT course?

IT is not a course but IT is a category under which there are many different courses. Like BCA, MCA etc you can get job in IT company by doing these. And if you do only BCA then 3 years and do MCA also. So add 2 more years to it i.e. 5 years.

In this article you learned what is IT and IT full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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