What is BCom What is the full form of BCom

BCom is a bachelor course in which students are prepared for different types of business, BCom and Bba come in almost the same category because the purpose of these two courses is to make the student aware of different types of business strategy, today we will know what is BCom what is the full form of BCom.

So if you are also interested in the trade industry, then perhaps Bcom may be beneficial for you but it does not mean that you should be told what business you should do and how to do it, rather it is given such a variety of knowledge under them. Such strategies are made available on the basis of which you may find it easier to get a job in a management role and if you want to do your own business, then those strategies will also be useful for you.

Although BCom is a commercial course, you can not become an engineer or doctor, etc. by doing this, but your path can also be opened for private as well as government job because various types of commercial knowledge are given in BCom such as Banking, accounting, finance, income tax, etc.

What is the full form of BCom

Full form of BCom – Bachelor of Commerce

What is BCom what is the full form of Bcom

What is BCom

BCom is a three-year graduation course, at least 12th must be completed to do BCom because not only BCom, whatever course you want to do, almost 90% It is necessary to complete 12th for courses.

By BCom, you can get salary package job of up to around 15000 – 20000 even at almost low level and if you get a good job or get a government job then you can get a job of around 20000 – 35000 INR.

By BCom, most people like to become accountant and if you want to improve your knowledge and get a better job then you can MBA, Mcom after BCom so that you get master degree in commerce.

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