What is SPG, What is the full form of SPG

The full form of SPG is Special Protection Group, SPG is a special protection group, which is responsible for the security of the Prime Minister of India and his family.

What is SPG, what is the full form of SPG in English

SPG is a security department, in which it has been created for the security of big ministers, and the person recruited in it is prepared through training, due to which it is better and different from other security agencies.

SPG was formed after the assassination of Indira Gandhi, in view of the security of the Prime Minister, it was established on 2 June 1988, the SPG security group has been created for the security of some people, such as for the Prime Minister, and his family members, Former Prime Ministers and former Presidents, SPG has been made for these people.

Its headquarter is in New Delhi, the SPG force works under the Cabinet Secretariat, and the executive of this organization is Arun Kumar Sinha.

There are some special features of SPG, which makes SPG different from other security hairs, they have full automated guns, and they are equipped with fnf 2000 assault rifles, their rifles can fire 800 in a minute, and their He has a pistol named Glock 17, he has a bullet proof jacket and is also a great cheeser.

If you want to join SPG, it is very important for you to know that there is no direct recruitment of SPG, in this only Central Government Army personnel like IPS, BSF, CISF, CRPF are recruited in it, that is, if you are SPG. If you want to join, you have to join the Central Government Army Police Force first, and then you can apply for SGP.

In this, your age should not be more than 35, and you can work on this post only for three years, after completion of three years, you are reverted to the same post where you were earlier.

In this article you have learned what is SPG and SPG full form in English, we hope this information will prove useful for you.

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