What is school, School meaning in english

School is the temple where we all go to get education, school is the source of our primary study and we are given information about various subjects by teachers.

And to take the test of our knowledge level, the exam is taken by the school, but the marksheets of most of the classes are again used by the school itself for admission in the next class.

All those marksheets are not used outside the school, and when we have 10th, 12th exams then they are very important, because the same marksheets are used everywhere, our future depends to a large extent on the same marksheets. does.

What is school, School meaning in english

Because they are the most important sheets of our knowledge, which are valid all over the world.

what are the types of schools

There are mainly 2 types of schools

Governmnet and Private (then it does not matter whether it is from Hindi medium or English)

The rules of private schools are the same for all classes, and the student has to handle all the expenses of the student and his family, and from the 9th class, he starts getting scholarship, for which he has to apply on the online portal.

But till 1-8th class, it is not like this in government school at all, in government school till 1-8th class the study of students is done in two parts.

Primary School and Junior High School

Primary school is up to 1 – 5 class and junior high school is up to 6 – 8 class, these government schools have many facilities for the students.

Such as sports equipment, free dress and shoes to all students, mid-day meal, ie arrangement of lunch, scout guide training from time to time.

Rally arrangement, in which several government schools in that area participate, and performs several feats that are really interesting enough to get too crowded to watch.

Along with the system of scholarship, which is given in cash to the students, before the arrangement of scholarship, grain (wheat) was given to all the students, which was closed and scholarship was given to all the students.

So you can see how many facilities are provided to the students in a government school, so even if you are very poor, you can still educate your children for which you will not have to pay money.

In an article you learned what is school and school meaning in english, we hope this information will prove useful for you.

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