What is Ration dealer

Kotedar is a person who is selected for the distribution of government food items in rural and urban areas, which are distributed at low prices, mainly consisting of wheat, rice, sugar, etc. Ration has to be distributed to the people of the state, but for this it is necessary for that person to have a ration card.

What is Ration dealer

A kotedar is a government ration dealer, who has to distribute the cheap ration given by the government to the people, and after seeing the ration card of the kotedar, registers them, and works to give them ration, people to take ration. Used to do fraud, and Kotdars also used to do various types of frauds, to protect against which the system of distributing ration has been made online, and now the Kotedars distribute the ration through fingerprint machine, for which the ration distribution fingerprint machine to the customer first. But you have to give your finger test, after that ration has to be given to that person, due to which the chances of fraud are greatly reduced.

What to do if the kotdar does not give ration

Many people misuse their power and do their own arbitrariness, so if it ever happens to you, that you are refused ration, you are considered as room, it will give you any kind of protection from the kotedar. If there is a problem, you can call the helpline center of the Department of Fertilizers and Logistics, and you can tell them your problem, whose numbers are 1967 and 18001800150

What salary or commission does the kotedar get

No kotedar is given salary but he is given commission, which is based on the ration distributed by him, although this amount is very less per kg/quintal, but the kotedar has to distribute a lot of ration. So that their income also increases.

In this article you have learned what is kotedar, and Ration dealer meaning in english, we hope this information will prove useful for you.

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