What is inspector

You people must know the post of Inspector very well, the Inspector is the officer of a police post, whose post is above the head constable, it is the lowest ranked police officer in the police department, wherever it is inside the area. If there is any problem, the inspector often goes to inspect there.

what is the policeman

By the way, if a person becomes a police officer in a police station, people start respecting him a lot and many people in the society think that now he has become a police officer, he definitely thinks one thing that what would be the salary of the inspector. Is .

By the way, if someone wants to become a Inspector, this recruitment of Sub Inspector comes out, and the candidate who passes in it, he gets the post of Sub Inspector.

What is the salary of a Inspector

In UP Police, as the salary of the Inspector, Rs 9300 to 34800 is available under the grade pay of 4200 per month, along with the salary, the facility of dearness allowance and house rent allowance (DA and HRA) etc. is available.

Along with this, some rupees are deducted from their salary, which is given together after their retirement, but even after deducting various types of taxes including tax and PF from the total salary, a inspector has to pay Rs 24000 to 80400 every month. get money in between

If the question in one’s mind is that how much salary does the inspector get during training, during the training of the inspector he gets only 9300 to 34800 rupees as pay scale, apart from this, he does not get any allowance in this, Anyway, if you do not know, let me tell that the inspector has training for one year.

When your training is completed and your duty is applied in some area, you will get salary as well as other allowance in it, although the inspector is given salary according to his area, if he is in the city area. There is some increase in the allowance according to their expenditure.

By the way, the salary of a Inspector varies slightly in every state, so far the salary we have talked about above is a matter of up, Bihar Inspector, although many people want to become an SI [Droga], because this job After getting this, they get a lot of respect in the society as well as good salary.

If you ask what is the fixed salary of the inspector, it depends on his work, he gets money as the area is, he cannot fix anything about it, although he gets 4200 per month under the grade pay of 9300. 34800 from Rs.

In this article you have learned what is a inspector, we hope this information will be useful for you, what is called a inspector.

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