What is GooglePay

Google Pay is a financial transaction application launched by Google that is UPI based, you can use Google Pay to send money online or make any kind of payment.

What is GooglePay

Google Pay is an application allowing online transactions using UPI, which can be used by all types of companies and individuals, national and international.

Features of Google Pay

scan and pay

Google gives us the option of Scan and Pay, this means that you can pay by scanning the barcode of any company’s payment, if you want to pay through Google Pay to any person who If you do not use Google Pay, you will not be able to pay him directly through Google Pay, but if that person uses any other payment gateway, and he has a QR code, you can get his bar code from your Google Pay. You can pay by scanning, it does not matter at all which payment gateway that person is using, you can pay by scanning the key R code on any payment gateway through Google Pay.

Number to Number Transfer

All the people using Google Pay can send money to each other’s number very easily, for this you just have to enter the payment amount by entering the number and enter your UPI PIN, your payment will be successful, for any payment in it You do not need to enter your debit card number or any other type of information again and again.

Number to Account Transfer

You can also transfer money from your Google to any bank account, for which you must have that person’s bank account, IFSC code with you, so that you can enter all these information while transferring balance in the account.

payment request

A payment request is an option by which any person can send a payment request to a user on another Google, in which the person sending the request can set the amount, how much money to request For example if someone sends you Google If you send a request of ₹ 1000 through Pay, a message will come on your Google and you will have to click on it and enter your UPI PIN, and ₹ 1000 will be transferred to that person’s account.

bill payment

You can pay your various types of bills online through Google Pay, such as, electricity bill, DTH or only bill, broadband, gas bill etc.

Other National/International Payment

There are many such international websites and companies from which people buy services, and their payment option is credit card or top debit card such as Visa or Mastercard etc., and many companies used to give only credit card option, but Now all international companies also give the option of UPI i.e. Google Pay, so that making international payments has become very easy, which debit card you have does not matter, just you have a UPI account i.e. Google Pay. Or it should be phonepe etc.

check bank balance

You can check your bank account balance using Google Pay, for which first you have to create your Google Pay account, and then you have to link your bank account to your Google Pay account, after which on the home page of Google In the last, the option of View account balance is present, by clicking on which you have to enter your UPI PIN, after that the balance of your bank account will be shown.

transaction history

All the transactions you will do using Google Pay, that is, if you send money to someone or someone sends you, they remain present in the history of Google Pay, to whom you have sent how much money or which person has sent you how much. Have you sent money, or what have you paid for?


Referral is a method through which any application is promoted, and this method is also present in Google and you will see a code at the end of the homepage of your Google Pay account, if you share that code with someone Share and that person creates an account on his Google using your court, you will get ₹ 100 and that person will also get ₹ 25.

Where is GooglePay company?

Google Pay is a US company that was created by Google, but Google Pay alone cannot work, because to complete the payment, the help of the bank has to be taken, for which the option of UPI has been launched, and various types of companies use UPI. Applications have been launched by doing, one of them is Google Pay and is there any partnership with different types of banks.

How secure is GooglePay

Google Pay is a completely secure application that you can use with ease, and Google Pay is asked to lock the application on Google when creating a Google Pay account, due to which your Google Pay becomes even more secure, because because of this From this, no person can use your Google Pay application without your permission, and you have to keep in mind that money will be deducted from your Google Pay only when you enter your UPI PIN, because whenever in Google Pay If you want to make a payment, at the end you have to enter your UPI PIN, after which the balance is deducted from your bank account and the payment is completed.

What is GooglePay

Everyone can create their Google Pay account but there are some conditions for this, that is, you must have a bank account and you must also have its debit card, and that debit card must be activated, after that you can create your Google Pay account. You can check your bank balance, pay anyone online, and you can order money online from any person on your Google Pay.

How much money can I send with GooglePay

You can transfer up to a maximum of ₹100000 in a day using UPI, which is probably enough for a normal user as any normal user can hardly do a transaction of more than ₹100000 in a day.

In this article you learned what is Google Pay and Google Pay meaning in English We hope this information will prove useful to you.

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