What is EVM, What is the full form of EVM

EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) You must have heard the name of EVM, because EVM remains in discussion for some reason or the other, especially when Lok Sabha elections are held because EVM is used in it, and other low level elections. If it happens with ballet paper, today we will know what is EVM, and after all what is the reason that EVM remains in discussion even after elections.

Because you must have often heard that EVM has been hacked, today we will get complete information about EVM, because Lok Sabha election is an important election, and why low level elections are from ballet paper and Lok Sabha elections from EVMs. are conducted.

What is EVM and what is the full form of EVM

The full form of EVM is electronic voting machine, as you know that all the tasks have become much easier due to technology, whether it is in any industry, whether it is a company or any general purpose task. Are.

In the same way, EVM is also an electronic voting device, due to which the voting of Lok Sabha is done, the way local voting takes place like that of village head, district panchayat etc. In the same way, Lok Sabha is also voted. But this is a very big election which if done with ballet paper will take more time and money, whereas EVM saves all these things.

Because when there is a low level election, a ballet paper is given to the voter, on which the names and marks of all the candidates are there and the voter who wants to vote puts the ballet paper in the box by stamping it with his mark, And after a few days which is manually counted and the result is announced.

And Lok Sabha elections have also been done with ballet paper many times, but in EVM elections are faster than ballet paper voting, it also reduces the cost, because if voting is to be done by EVM, no ballet paper is needed. And also counting does not require any manual process, because EVM auto counts.

EVM is a combination of two different units, one of which is ballet unit, just as ballet paper is given to voters for normal voting, EVM machine has a ballet unit in its place through which voters vote.

And the second is the control unit, which is near the election officer, just a short distance from the ballet unit, and both the units are connected to each other, because only the ballet unit alone cannot do anything and only one unit is not called EVM. Rather, both the units together are called a complete EVM.

EVM Ballot Unit

On the ballet unit, the name and mark of the party / candidate of all the candidates are present in a straight line, and a button is present in front of all of them, through which the voter casts his vote.

The voter can vote by pressing the button in front of the symbol/name of the party/candidate who wants to vote, but the button can be pressed only once at a time, no matter what the button is because once After pressing, the EVM gets locked, which has the advantage that no voter can give multiple votes even if he wants.

EVM Control Unit

The EVM control unit is located just a few meters away from the ballet unit, near the booth election officer, and when a voter casts his vote and the EVM is locked, another voter comes forward to vote, and by the officer control unit It is released so that the next voter can vote.

Yes, it is very important for EVMs to be locked after every vote, otherwise many voters could press a button multiple times, which would make voting wrong, that is why locking feature has also been provided in EVMs. So that no person can give multiple votes.


Many boxes are needed when ballet is voted, due to which extra vehicles are also needed in portability, and many rooms are also needed to keep them.

But EVM is a very small machine, which is very easy to carry from one place to another.

ease of counting

Counting is also done very easily due to EVM, whereas if voting is done with ballet paper then the votes have to be counted manually, but EVM is an electronic device which automatically counts all the votes, so that for counting. There is no need for any special team extra.


Since EVM is an electronic device, therefore security is very important, it is very important for EVM to be hard coded, so that no kind of interfere can be done in EVM.

And all electronic devices such as phone, computer, tablet, EVM, etc. are a combination of hardware and software, and both must be strong.

If the hardware is weak then the EVM can be damaged at any time, and if there are bugs in the programming then it can be interfered with, but EVM is not used online, so there is no risk of hacking or any kind of attack.

And the EVM manufacturer says that the EVM is completely locked, once the EVM is ready for use, even the manufacturing company of the EVM itself cannot interfere in it, because by locking it in the last stage of programming the EVM. Are being given.

And then no one can interfere in EVM, yes there may be many bugs in EVM because no programming program is 100% perfect in initial stage, but to make it better, it has to be continuously improved which is EVM. also applies to.

As the company says that after the EVM is ready, no one can interfere in it, even if it is the company itself, and no person can get the EVM, because all the tasks related to EVM are closely monitored. are done in.

However, it is difficult to say how safe EVMs are because EVMs are often accused, and the Election Commission and EVM developer company claim to be hack proof of EVMs.

Although we do not claim how safe EVM is, whether it is safe or not, we are just giving you basic information about EVM, that is, what is the full form of EVM because everyone votes but very few People have an idea about EVM, what is EVM.

Why EVM is a better method of voting than ballot paper

Because due to the EVM machine, there is no need to carry heavy boxes, and many voting is possible in a single EVM machine, and counting is very easy.

From this article you have learned what is EVM and what is the full form of EVM, we hope this information will prove useful for you.

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