What is DGP, What is the full form of DGP

We hear the word DGP many times in the news paper on TV, in the children of people on the radio, etc., and we know that he is a police officer but the rank is not known.

If I talk about DGP, you should know that the post of DGP is the biggest post in the police posts, and DGP is considered equal to a cabinet minister.

What is DGP, What is the full form of DGP in english

The full form of DGP is  Director general of police, DGP is also called CP i.e. Commissioner of Police.

The DGP’s uniform has an Ashoka pillar, a sword, and a star. And IPS is written at the bottom, and the DGP is the highest rank officer of the IPS rank in the police department.

There are one to four posts of DGP in a state, if you want to go to this post, you have to pass IPS because only an IPS officer can become DGP, only after passing IPS you will get promotion in DGP, I will give you information. For the post of DGP, there is no direct recruitment, if you want to become a DGP, you have to first pass the IPS exam and then you will be promoted, and if you have the qualification of DGP, your promotion should be for DGP. will go.

After being a DGP, you can run your state on your own, a DGP is equal to a cabinet minister, the post of DGP is the last and the biggest post of the police department, for this you have to work very hard.

If I talk about salary, DGP who is the biggest officer, because of this his salary is also highest in the police department and along with other facilities are also available, the salary of DGP is from 56000 to 225000 grade pay salary per month. That is, along with the higher salary, their responsibilities are also more.

In this article you have learned what is DGP and DGP full form in English We hope this information will be useful for you.

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