What is debit card, Debit card meaning in english

Debit card is a type of plastic card which is given by a bank to its customers, so that they can do transactions in their bank account, online transactions can also be done using a debit card, for example UPI or otherwise. Payment for any transaction can be done through Direct Debit Card, or Debit Card can also be used in ATM machine, so that your account amount can be checked, amount can be withdrawn etc.

What is a debit card and how is a debit card

Debit Card Features


The card holder name on the Debit Card verifies the card holder’s identity which is mandatory to be entered at the time of payment also.

debit card number

Debit card number is the most important contact of the debit card which is of 16 digits, the debit card number is present in big digits in the front part of the car dicky which is divided with 4 digits.

expiry date

Debit cards have a fixed time limit and the expiry date determines the time up to which your debit card will be valid, after the expiry date your debit card will not work, and after that you can issue a new debit card to your bank. can apply for.

CVV number

This is the final and very important number of the debit card which is present on the back side of the debit card and it is 3 digits, which is printed right in front of the black bar, it is mandatory to use it in all types of transactions, if If you are making any kind of payment anywhere and entering your debit card details, during that time also you have to enter CVV number, without entering CVV number card verification is not complete.

how to use debit card

Debit cards are used in two ways, one is in the ATM machine so that you can withdraw money from the ATM, change the PIN of your ATM card, check the current amount in your account, and the other way If you do online purchases, recharge your SIM card or do any kind of online work that requires payment, you can pay through your debit card and This amount will be deducted from your bank account which will be linked to your debit card.

What is the most important thing to get debit card from bank

If you do not have a debit card but you have a bank account then you can get a debit card, but if you do not have a bank account, first you have to open a bank account, if you have a bank account then go to your bank branch And write an application for atm card and give it to the branch employee, and he will apply for issuance of atm card for your account, and if you have net banking, you can apply for atm yourself atm You will get your debit card within 20 to 30 days of card application, for which you will have to visit your bank branch.

What are the types of debit cards

There are no fixed types of debit cards because all banks provide many types of debit cards according to their convenience and convenience, and their number varies from bank to bank, but some of the main types of debit cards are listed below.

  • RuPay debit card
  • Visa debit card
  • Master debit card
  • Maestro debit card

In the above given list of debit cards, there are some main debit card types which are the main debit cards of all banks, and by default, Rupay, Visa or Mastercard is issued by the bank to all the bank account holders.

Note : No bank will ever call or message you to get any kind of debit card information, if you get any call now asking for any of your banking details, never share it. Do it because it could be a fraud call, and if you share your information, your bank account can be empty.

From this article you got information about what is debit card and debit card meaning in english We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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